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New to caring - Carers UK Forum

New to caring

For issues related to specific conditions and disabilities.
Hi I'm a nana to the little girl I'm also her carer, just looking to see what's out there to help, like this voucher scream, no one seems to know about, my local council, social services, I'm also wondering if to have an assessment, and how it can help, also how do get direct payments and what can it be used for, like I say I'm new to this, Caitlyn has charge syndrome, partially sighted, profoundly deaf, learning difficulties, lots of other problems,
Welcome to the carers forum,

Sorry no one has replied to your request. Let us know your situation so far.
Hi Rita,
I always try to welcome all new members, I really don't know how you slipped through the net! I hope by now you have managed to get things sorted. If you click on "Help and Advice" at the top of this page, it brings up a new section full of useful information. Social Services have a duty to assess the needs of all disabled people in their area, and the needs of their carers. Some here have had great assessments, some not! My own son has severe learning difficulties, he is now 35. I now from personal experience how challenging it can be, and how important it is to look after yourself. Don't see asking for help as failure, it isn't. Help and a bit of time off from caring now and then is vitally important if you are planning to be a long term carer. Does your little girl go to a special school, or a mainstream school? My son started off in mainstream, later went to a Camphill School, which was better suited to his needs. Once again, apologies for not replying sooner.
Hi Rita,
Like Bowlingbun, I'm not sure how we all missed your post. Usually the mods move new members first posts to the New members section, where more people visit. I wonder if you still look on here? Your Grand daughter is lucky to have such an involved and caring Nana. Caitlyn sounds like she has a lot of challenges. Bowlingbun has given you lots of advice, if you still pop on the forum, let us know how you both are gettin on.