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Hello everyone,
its been 2 years since I posted on here, and thought that I would give you an update on hubby's situation. He deteriated soon after my last post in 2012 and was quickly put on home oxygen therapy. He has been on that for 2 years now. The hot sweats still bother him a lot especially after eating. At the moment his bain is retaining fluids. His feet are swollen like balloons and his legs and thighs too. In the morning his face is very swollen. This is called edema I believe and he has been put on 2 different water tablets for the last 5 days with no changes. I have the dr. coming out to see him at home tomorrow. Hubby is now bedridden and never goes out. He needs me to wash and bath him and he eats very little. He had a pacemaker fitted last year and that has regulated his very slow heartbeat. I keep a diary every day and take his saturation and beats per min every morning. In the beginning when he first went on the oxygen is sats were in the 90's and BPM approx 110.......... in the last few months they have been in the 60 - 65's and 120 ish......... we have already been told he that he only has 6 mths and is at end stage copd............. I cope every day and what I do seems normal to me, my routine is the same every day with hubby at the top of the list. I cant seem to imagine life with out him, and I feel that 'it' will never happen. But hubby is getting weaker every day and more breathless and can hardly move now. I am on call for him 24 hours a day and that is 'normal' for me.
anyway, sorry to have gone on a bit ...... I am glad I at last managed to post a message once again on here.
((((Hugs)))))) weemags. Thanks for updating us, though I'm sorry about the circumstances.
The end stage is the hardest, you reach an almost Zen like state while the rest of your life is on hold..
You can go on all you like here if you find it helpful.
Hello weemags. good to hear from you but sorry to hear how this horrible disease has taken hold over your husband. I do remember how difficult the end stage was for my Mum and how helpless I felt at times. This forum gave me tremendous support then as it will you too. Please pop in whenever you can.

Take good care.

Bell x
the doctor visited today and has arranged for hubby to go into hospital tomorrow for intravenous meds to help the fluid retention. He is very aenemic as well and may need a blood transfusion too. He is hoping that he is only 'in' for a few hours and will be home by evening...... but I think they might keep him in......... just need to wait and see.

Thanks for your responces to my post. Hopefully I will be able to visit more often. :)
Is your husband's condition being worsened by the hot weather do you think? Take care of yourself too, you are doing a wonderful job, and I suspect putting on a brave face in an incredibly difficult situation.
Hi BB,
the hot weather doesnt help when you are finding it hard to breath. His Fan is never off these days.
I got back home from the hospital at 2.30, thats him settled in. It does look like they will be keeping him is for a few days after all. I will go back up to see him tonight 7-8 visiting.
I'll keep you all posted......thanks.
Well Hubby is still in hospital and that is 2 weeks now.
The reason for all the fluid retention was that his heart was very weak and couldnt pump the blood and fluids around or out of his body so it was just building up in his legs, feet and torso. Seemingly its quite dangerous as the pressure from the fluid against his organs, (heart, lungs and kidneys ) could have caused serious issues. It seems to be part of the 'end stage' COPD.
Its proper name is either chronic/acute heart failure. He will need strong meds to keep the water (fluid) at bay once he comes home.
Its been a slow proccess but he is slowly losing the fluids. It is only his lower legs and feet that are swollen now and I can see that they are going down more each day.
He may be home mid-week.....well I'll keep my fingers crossed.
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