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Well Dolores, i know how you feel, we have lots of visits to the hospital as Pete had a tumour on the larynx but was benign. But that took 2 biopsies before as they said it was a bit of a mystery as to what it was!!!! He is now having laser treatment!!

Anyway good luck when you go back!!!!
Thank you, it is when he gets so hot that he suffers the most, quite a few times a day sometimes, and of course it makes his breathing much worse, they say it is the infection that is making him so hot, I wish they could give him something for it, because you cant take anti biotics forever
Since last Wednesday hubby is hot all the time now, he rang the hospital today and spoke to a lung specialist who told him he may have TB but all his results have not come through yet. Poor Dave I feel so sorry for him, it is making him bad tempered and taking it out on me and the dogs, he was talking about going in a Home but I told him I can put up with bad temper, I dont want him going anywhere. I do wish they could do something for him at the hospital, this hotness inteferes with his breathing as well.
Hubby is now on the TB antibiotics and is no better, in fact his hot spells are lasting all day, his head is hot and is chest, but the rest of him is cold. He is wearing an outdoor coat in the house now because his arms are so cold, he is supposed to go back to the hospital on the 13th of October, but it is such an ordeal getting there that I am wondering if he will make the hospital
Hi Dolores,
My hubby has COPD too, and suffers from these 'hot' spells as well.
Our GP said it was part and parcel of his illness. But we have found that a wee
electric fan blowing cool air has helped him so much. Its a terrible disease, and my hubby can only walk a few steps then he is so breathless and imobilised. He hardly ever goes out anywhere.......... only to his hospital appointments.

Cant remember the last time we were out for a meal.
I have been his carer for the last 7 yrs.

Hi Weemags02.

My Hubby has the same problem with hot sweats,they make him feel really ill and he does not know what to do....he was off it yesterday and had to go to bed as he felt so ill...i rang the doctor and she suggested to start his antibiotics again.... the thing is as soon as he finishes antibiotics his sputum changes again and we are back to square one again, he has pseudamonas a bug which is very hard to get rid of so the infections keep flaring up...when he goes to respiratory medicine at the hospital they say he is having too many antibiotics but they don't say what to do....he is due to go on the 24th Sept so we shall see what will happen, i personally think a stay in hospital for intravenous will help as it did before when he was so ill!! We don't go out at all, he can just about cope going to hospital appointments.

Pete was first diagnosed 10yrs ago but this last 5yrs has been a real struggle!! His fan is on most nights in his bedroom!!!
Hello Evedan,

I dont know about you but I feel totally drained with it all - I feel so helpless cause there is nothing I can do except be at his beck and call as he cant 'do' for himself. He has got steadily worse over the last 2 years and the GP has stated this only last week that it wont be long till he is on oxygen .
He was assessed at the hospital last week and oxygen levels in his blood were slightly over the qualifying criteria. So, it may be another 6 months or so and we can try again. He is so frustrated that all he can 'do' is sit in a chair all day, as every movement causes breathlessness. He does try from time to time , but the consiquences are dire.
We have a course of anti-biotics and steroids on standby in the house all the time just in case infection starts up again.
Hope your hubby's laser treatment is going well.

Mags x
I don't know much about COPD but would a bi-pap machine like my son uses to aid with his breathing be helpful? Oxygen in the case of someone like my son with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy is contra-indicated, so he uses his bi-pap ventilator instead. It means we can get out with him and do things because the machine goes in a bag on the back of his powered wheelchair.

My dad has COPD and I really understand what you all say about open windows, fans, warm rooms being a bother etc.
I think you all sound marvellously supportive to your loved ones.
Hi everyone, although I've been on the forum a while, I've arrived a bit late a this thread (sorry Image ) but i can relate to everything you've all said.
I am 47 and a carer to my husband, who is 77 and has copd, asbestosis, arthritis and pmr.
Just last November it started getting a lot worse and in feb, I gave up full time work to be his carer.
Now, he gets breathless just getting across the room, luckily we have a downstairs loo and the option of adapting a downstairs bedroom.
But people don't always realise the practical day to day logistics of coping with copd.
Today, we have have just bought a wheelchair so he can go out more, otherwise he'd be almost housebound.
He also walks with 2 sticks due to the arthrtis and pmr, and is in almost constant pain.
Incidently, although his chest problems are due to working with asbestos, he also used to smoke, but has now given up. he found it a struggle to do so, though.
Love Phoebe x
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