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This is a horrible disease. My husband is on oxygen 24 hours a day. I wish people would realise that it is not just the patient who has to deal with illness.
Zavrou i agree with you....to top it all my husband has a tumor on the larnyx (benign at present)
he has had 2 biopsies another (CT) scan on Thursday so hoping all will be still ok when we see the consultant on 20th....your Husband must be furtheron than mine if he is on oxogen....not looking forward to that stage!!!!!
I know that it sounds pretty bad with my man being on oxygen. It can be awkward if we want to go anywhere. I would love to go away for a week but it means loading our little car with all his equipment. His concentrator, a large oxygen tank and a small one as well. then we have to find room for our luggage. I would love to lie in one morning, have someone to wash the dishes at times and to have someone who can hold me without any danger of breaking bones. Because he has been on steroids for such a long time his bones are brittle and he has had compression fractures in his spine. From things as simple as trying to hold a gate open or having a sneezing atack!
Bur my life is still good and he is still alive so I am happy!
Hi Celia.
Sorry but I`ve not long joined the forum.
Yes my wife has suffered from COPD for the last 10 years. she is oxygen assisted for 15 to 20 hrs a day,nebuliser 4 times a day plus 1 inhaler twice a day. now that sounds terrible as if it`s the end of the world, WRONG.
Everyone is of the same opinion, smoking caused it when in fact 1 in 4 people with this desease were or are smokers. The others my have other underlying reasons, they`re past employment, maybe a lot of chest related illnesses when they were young, and so on.
My wife is COPING with her condition, yes it is a very upsetting to see her most days but we get through it.We`ve been on holiday quite a few times at our daughters in Kent. All I do is inform our
GP and he takes it from there.When we arrive the oxygen is in place ready.We go out wherever taking portable oxygen tanks with us.No problem at all.
My wife is as bright as a button mentally [I`m the nut in the family].
IT`s not all rosy I must admit,Some days she`s unable to move about other days she can. Her mobility is not good unable to walk more than 10 steps but we manage just fine.
If you get good back up services ie.GP, s/services etc you can get on with your life.
So chin up,all the best.
Hello everyone, I hope this is the right place to ask a few questions about my hubbys medical report, it is all gobbldy gook to me, can anyone help please ?

Severe COPD and aortic aneurysm significant changes on x ray (increased consilidation and cavity formation) Increased inflamatory markers Had bronchoscopy. Neorotic endobronchial lesion seen at the origin of LLL along interal wall. Lavage cytology was suspicious of SOC Sputem grew Proteus Blood gasses done Completed 14 days of iv Tazocin CRP normalised. Follow up in 2 weeks at Clinic

I want to know what questions I should ask the Dr at the outpatients clinic when we go in 2 wks.

Hope someone can help me ?
Hopefully someone else can help but my first question would be to ask for a translation. And I'm being serious - I doubt many patients or carers would be able to translate half of this. I know I couldn't.
I agree with Charles. I'd ask them to actually explain what all of this means and don't be scared to ask them to slow down and be simple - not that I think you need it, but if this is the kind of information they give you I wouldn't be surprised if they just spout the same jargon at you when you ask.
Thanks everyone, I was beginning to think I was going babby, I know the Aoeta, cant spell that, is the tube that supports all the main blood vesels and it sounds like there is something wrong with that, that is what scared me and they talked about Anoresm, cant spell that either
Off to the hospital today, for Dave's Outpatients visit, I have a list as long as my arm to ask the Dr who I will see face to face today for the first time.
Just got back, WELL they dont seem to think it is cancer, no lumps, no tumours, no growths BUT loads of cavaties with infections in them, they thought it might be TB but are reluctant to try anything because of how bad his breathing is, SO he has got a fortnight's anti biotics and then he goes back again. Wish us luck
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