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[quote]Megan, I think I've sussed your problem. Try clicking on the POST REPLY button at the bottom left of the screen under the most recent post. Then type in the blank box on the right of the little smilies.

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Megan, I think I've sussed your problem. Try clicking on the POST REPLY button at the bottom left of the screen under the most recent post. Then type in the blank box on the right of the little smilies.

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Nearly there, Megan! When you click on "Quote", the text appears in a box. Click your cursor just after
and type in there. It should look more like this!
Hi Megan...

I too am a carer to my husband who has this horrible disease.....

At the moment we are awaiting the results of a biopsy as he has a tumour on the larynx...he is a high risk of it developing to cancer Image He also is very depressed as he is limited to what he can do!!! He loves his garden but this year we getting someone to do it for us...It is a big garden and i am not able to do it as i have neck &back problems..

Last year he went to rehab did exercises and learnt how to control his breathing if he started panic..there is a respiratory nurse that comes to see him once a month and he can get in touch with her at any time if needs be!!!! He has been in hospital a few times with bad infections, it's surprising how many people have this awful illness. hope i have not bored you too much but we are not alone and we can help one another with our experiences

I'd like to hear from anybody caring for a person with one of the breathing difficulties lumped together as 'Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease'. I know there must be plenty out there as it's a very common degenerative disease, especially in smokers and ex-smokers. It just doesn't seem to figure, though, as one of the horror stories told to children as part of Health Education, and I know that because although I'd been a form tutor for thirty years I'd never heard of COPD until my husband was diagnosed with it. His breathing has worsened to the extent that even reaching forward in his chair brings it on, and he can only walk a few yards. He is becoming incontinent, and most of his nutrition comes from supplements like Fortisip and Maxijul. One blessing that he is not affected mentally by the disease.

If there is anybody out there, please get in touch! - Celia
To day hubby as apointment atthe out patients clinic Hes been really well for the last 10 weeks hes been on 1steriod and 2 antibiots aday plus all the other meds so if hes well when he gets up we will have a meal out and call it or big avent for the day hubby as the illness but i have the depresson only mild i think it comes with the cares job i keep telling myself count your blessing but it hard to see someone you love suffer the word scared all the time sums me up quite nicely THERE A MOAN FOR THE DAY do i feel any better NO NO NO so im going to take the dog for a walk Image
Caring does get to you, Megan, especially if you've been at it for a while. Sometimes knowing that someone is listening (reading?) helps. But a walk is good too. I'm walking to work this morning - 2 miles to the office, another mile to where I'll be receiving some alcohol awareness training. I always feel better after a decent walk.
HI charles 47 I loved walking to work but i stoped working to care for hubby but iwalk the dog every day before hubby wakes we go the supermarket every day so hubby get out if Image hes well but i hate it hes moody with other shoppers and that upsets me it all to do with his illness and meds but it better if hes moody than ill i had a little moan today so i feel alot better thanks for listening sometimes i think its me thats the moody one not hubby Image
Megan i walk my dog every day morning afternoon and last thing at night...
Sometimes i meet other dog walkers and it's lovely just to talk to someone else, your lucky if you and hubby can go out together!!!! My hubby can't walk far just around the garden and he is breathless..he would dearly love to be able to take our dog for a good walk as he did do about 3yrs ago when he was fitter... since then he has got worse...I go out once a week with 2friends and i must say i really enjoy it..

I know it's easier said than done but we have to look after ourselves as well.

take care EVE Image
HI Evedan your right we are lucky to go out together sometimes hubby could not walk without steriods he as steriods and anibiotics every day plus 6 other meds I to use to walk my dog three times aday and walk with other dog walkers But hubby as bad flare ups and needs to get to hospital quick so i dont go far just in case he needs me but i must say i dont want to go far from him it scare me thepotting shed in far enough for me Hubby is going into the advance stage of emphysema now HOW MANY STAGES OR THERE 3years ago doctortold hubby he has about 5years it seems as if time as flow other times WHENHUBBYS ILL it goes slowly on good days i think the doctors have got it all wrong I WOULD THINK THAT im not the one ill i look at hubby and know they or right my be they just have the year thing wrong there im crying again right little moaner me take care
Megan my hubby has had (COPD) NOW FOR 10YRS.....so over that time it has got gradually worse ..he is on 2 inhalers 1 blue and 1purple no oxegen at all!!!!! He went to rehab last year for 6wks and it helped a lot i also learnt a lot as well....he did excercises and learnt to control his breathing if he feels an attack coming on......i was like you scared and the feeling of not being able to cope but now i take it in my stride....he also has a respiratory nurse that comes to see him and keeps a record of things and if he is worried about anything he can get in touch with her anytime!!!!In fact she has been to-day... believe me i have spent many days crying like you but it is very hard!!!!

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