Complete Change after Brain Injury

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That sounds really scary.

The 'over-sensitivity' reminds me a little of when my husband developed epilepsy from brain cancer (spread to brain). He had to be careful not to be 'over-stimulated' by anything, as it could trigger a seizure. I also had to learn not to try and talk to him or communicate, or even touch him, when he was having a seizure (only 'petit' thank goodness, after the first 'grand' one which luckily happened in hospital), as his brain was 'overloading' (so to speak).

I do wish you as best as possible at managing your very distressing situation. It shows, in a way, both how strong, and simultaneously fragile, our brains are - and therefore our minds and our selves......
Dear Lou

Thank you very much for your post - I'm sure it is very helpful for carers of those with brain injuries to read the 'other side of the coin'.

You must find it very hard to cope with especially as you have an autistic son who needs your care and attention to boot.
Hi Lou.
Welcome and thank you for such an interesting and informative post. The similarities to asd/autism meltdowns are enlightening.
I get mini shutdowns when I get a sudden migraine. Instantly can't cope with light and sound. Brain stops working. Luckily for me a sleep and medication put me right, but best of all is avoidance of triggers in the first place.
I can only imagine how much worse you and your son find it.
Bless you both
Hello Lou
I found your post very interesting. I wonder if my husband has those sort of feelings in his lucid moments, with his dementia. I think you are very brave and considerate for sharing with us.
You are all very welcome.

It's good to share things and I'm just glad I can shine a tiny bit of light on this whole situation.

Lou x x
Hi, my wife suffered a brain injury in September last year and has lost 50% of her vision but i have been caring for her for nearly 5 1/2 years now. She also has Lupus.

We have moved into a bungalow from our house of 9 years which we loved and both cried when we had to leave as my wife struggled with stairs. Its a new start and we will try to make the best of it and i get support from my family and her mum but part of me feels my family partly resent my wife for putting this pressure on me everyday in looking after her and changing my life forever as she was once a well woman although i may be being too harsh or even completely wrong i dont know! and her mum doesnt really get how day to day we are both affected. I too have feelings of wanting away but i love my wife although i feel like a carer nowadays and not a husband. I feel so guilty to think like this. I get carers allowance and luckily we are ok in that respect but id swap it all tomorrow for a normal life with my wife. She always tells me to walk away and sometimes we argue partly down to my frustrations but mostly due to her changes in attitude from her brain injury and she can be very cruel at times and very hurtful.

Any advice would be great!