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Just thought I'd post a bit more about my daughter.

Julia was born 9 weeks early in January of 2005. We were originally told that she had had a bleed and as a result was aneamic. We were sent from a local hospital (by local i mean over 20 miles from home) to Glasgows Queen Mothers Hospital (over 70 miles from home) as this was the only hospital available to do an internal transfusion of blood in the womb.

The next day I was checked over then sent for the transfusion to take place. While attempting to perform the transfusion Julias heart slowed to a rate that meant she had to be born regardless. This was not as you can gather expected. So an emergency C-Section was performed. Only after she was born did they realise she had no anus!!

At that point they decided to operate to give her a colostomy. So at 2 days old she went under the knife and it was then discovered that her bowel and urinary tract had not formed properly and they had joined through one common channel, her vagina. That meant all her urine and bowel matter were being pushed up into her womb, which is why she was so swollen when she was born.

She spent 13 weeks in ICU, in that time she it was discovered she also had a VSD, distended kidneys and contracted E-Coli!!! She eventually got home and within a month returned to hospital for yet another operation. She has had 8 operations so far and we are expecting more in the future.

We don't actually know what the future will hold for her. We have to wait and see whether she will have any bowel and urinary control. If she does then she will have what they term as a "normal life", if not then worst case scenario is that she will have a permanent colostomy.

Life has been tough since Julia was born. We have 2 older daughters who had no choice but to live with their grandparents while my husband and I had all our attention focussed on Julia. We very nearly lost everything we've worked for, but things seem to be turning around for us now. With any luck our futures will be bright.

Anyway sorry to have rambled.

Ruth, please don't apologise for rambling - I think we all need somewhere to do that from time to time. I for one appreciate your taking the time to explain more about your daughter's condition, since I was completely ignorant of it. Not that knowing makes me anymore able to help, but it might mean I can understand more of what you and your family are going through.

Best wishes
Awww Ruth - don't worry about rambling! Image I'm the world's worst Image

It does SOUND as if things are improving for you and your little family. When I was in hospital having my first child (27 years ago) I met a young girl who was a great laugh and she was having her first baby too. She had a colostomy and I remember her telling me that she was born with serious problems and couldn't remember not having one, she was so young when she had it done. My Mum also has one (due to bowel cancer) as do a couple of other people I know & they all cope very well. Big hugs to you and your daughter.xx