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Hello lovely people,

Hoping to pick your brains! A friend of mine was diagnosed with MS a few months ago and has literally just been left to get on with it. He's too ill to fight the system at the minute and we all know what that means!

I've been scooting through threads and online in general, have found the MS Society and MS Trust, will also ask a couple of people I know locally for more specific info. But wondered if there's anywhere else I should look or anything else I can pass on to him? Poor bloke is really struggling, very frustrating for him.

Thanks in advance.
I've been a carer for the last 34 years, (my had M.S., before we were married.) the problem with M.S., it sorts of moves in a strange way. With some it's quick and with some it's slow like my wife Ruth. I had to sort out her benefits, with the help of citizens advice. Her doctor was a great help with medication. But the big problem was getting her to accept M.S., as a problem in your life you have to live with. She had to adapt her life for eg. She had pains, lost speech at first (we had to teach her to talk), she lost the use of her legs. Ruth and I worked through the problem, please don't get depressed help is out there just look, ask at your local centre they will help you. Then of course there is the social services (I like to keep them at a distance.)
Well best wishes.