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cerebral palsy - physiotherapy

For issues related to specific conditions and disabilities.
My son and daughter need physiotherapy but this is very difficult to get on the NHS. We are looking for a private physio in or near to London.
Most physios don't specialise in permanent disability and they don't have hoist tracks.

Does anyone know of a Centre that offers physio for the physically disabled in, or within travelling distance, of London?
my daughter attended the Bobath Centre. It was a long time ago now, but at the time it was in or around St.Johns Wood.

I hope this information is of help to you. good luck.
Thank you for that. I'll look into it.
have a look here:


it's the Chartered Society of Physiotherapists websites. I got quite few site hits when I googled 'find a physiotherapist' Image
Thank you for that website.

I can vouch for Bobath, some of my pupils travel for appointments there. They come away with programmes and recommendations (it's too far for them to travel weekly etc.) These are children with permanent disabilities. They get their funding through the NHS for this. Worth trying to get funding through your GP. I also know of adults who have permanent disabilities who receive blocks of hydrotherapy at the local hospital. Our local hydro pool does have hoisting facilities. The carer(s) have to do the changing etc.

What ages are you son and daughter?

My 27 year old son has DMD and gets no physiotherapy and no hydrotherapy - everything stops when they hit 18 Image

Hi, not exactly Physio but definitely worth a visit. Search Anat Baniel in London. We took our daughter to see Doreen many times and it's fantastic x