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Jenny, your mention of the case of the guy in the 1940s reminded me that in the mid 80s I knew a lady whose mother had died as the result of a cut finger while gardening.

I developed cellulitis while on holiday a few years ago as a result of a mosquito bite. Fortunately a friend who was with us had some 'just-in-case' antibiotics with her and let me use them, which meant that the condition cleared up quite quickly. I now have quite nasty scarring on my leg, but am glad I didn't end up with something worse.

Cellulitis is not to be messed with. I ended up with two lots of antibiotics at the same time AND daily injections after I developed it after an insect bite, soon after my knee replacements. Get treatment as fast as you possibly can.
Incidentally, anyone who has had it needs to be very careful indeed as if you've had it once, you are more likely to get it again.
Sadly, as I love the sunshine, I have to be very careful not to get my legs the least bit sunburned, as they are super sensitive. I now wear either long trousers or crops on holiday to reduce exposure. For someone who used to spend most of the summer in shorts, that's a real blow.
It's certainly a sobering reminder that even in this day and age of antibiotics, the bugs are still 'out there' ....and trying to get in!

(Did I mention, by the way, about the hospital in the UK a couple of years ago who had a patient with recalcirtrant post-op wounds that WOULD not heal, despite everything, and an African doctor visiting advised putting something like a kilo of sugar into the wound/dressings.....it's what they do at home he said....and it worked. Presumably, like jam, the bugs can't cope with SUCH a sweet environment?)(possibly the sugar outside the cells sucks all the moisture out of the cells and they die??)

And, of course' foreign bugs on holiday are particularly prone to invade and 'take over'.