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My husband suffers for multipul problems, all brought on by medication used to treat his eczema. I am looking for anyone who has had experiance with this as we have got all the dermatologists baffled, They say that there are only a hand full of people who havs eczema as servere as this, and it has been a battle to get it recoganised as debilatating. He has it head to foot and we have tried everything from the conventunal creams to the totaly experimental imunio suppresants and others. I would love to share our experiances with some one who understands.
My husband has eczema which varies from being very "weepy" to very dry and scaly. It is well under control at the moment, but that is with a lot of trial and error with ointments, creams and tablets. He underwent surgery for cancer almost two years ago and the stress of going for his scans and clinic appoinements always make it worse the week before, so last time I used the creams the day before he broke out and it did not last so long.

Take care
Hi Natalie,

I've just signed up today to the Carers site, so a newbie!

I saw your post and it popped out at me, only because on our local BBC South Today this evening they had an article on Eczema, a local lady has concocted a cream in her kitchen of all places to help her daughter.

It's a herbal remedy, and I've just bought some for my friend who suffers from eczema, it may not work for everyone but it may be worth a try.

Here's the link to the news item : http://www.bbc.co.uk/southtoday/latest_ ... ndex.shtml
(click on "home-made eczema ointment" story)
Here's the link to their website ]http://www.purepotions.co.uk/#1X0[/url]

Hope it's of some help!
Another thing that may help, and did work for my daughter, is Calendula Cream, and chamomile tea - which can be used in a bath as well as a drink.