Caring for Child with Ataxic Cerebral Palsy, Anyone else??

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Hi my daughter is 5 years old and was diagnosed with Ataxic cerebral palsy when she was 2. This was due to being born premature at 25+6 weeks and weighing 1lb 3oz. she suffered 2 bleeds at birth.
My problem is that i cannot find hardly any information linked to ataxic cerebral palsy and am now hitting some severe behaviour issues with her, we attended a specialist unit in the spring and they told us that it could be linked but didn't have any information for me to support this.
we are now awaiting a meeting with the childrens mental health services to see if they can help but would love to hear from any other parents or carers who can help.
many thanks x
Hi, my daughter has hemiplegia and I'm encountering behaviour and emotional issues too. Health Visitor is sending me on "incredible years" training for parents of children with social, emotional, behavioural needs. The aggression and emotional outbursts are the worst and if one more person says "it could be worse" or "she will grow out of it"... So help me! Animals work well for my daughter and there's a new therapy called magic therapy which I'm looking into. Anat Baniel technique is great for physical and behavioural needs. Our children don't have same cp but I can totally empathise xx
Oh forgot to mention Conductive Education... It's fab and they will be able to help and advise about common issues that GPs don't necessarily recognise with various types of cp but that mums/carers have reported. Bobath physios tend to dislike CE but I'd recommend it xx
Hi Charlie,

I'm not a parent of a child with ataxic CP, but I have taught children with this condition.

I too can vouch for Conductive education, but only if it becomes the way of life. It is a way of doing things and needs to be practised throughout the day.

How does your daughter communicate? Her behaviour issues probably stem a lot from the discrepancy between her cognitive ability and her ability to communicate. If she is not able to argue through language, then she will feel even more frustrated and resort to using behaviour.

What speech and language therapy does she receive? Where does she go o school?