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Caring for a person with Heart failure & Type II diabete - Carers UK Forum

Caring for a person with Heart failure & Type II diabete

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Anyone else caring for someone with severe heart failure, and Type II diabetes? We are finding it so hard to find an interesting diet within all the new restrictions since my husband was diagnosed with Type II diabetes last November! Image

Helen F
http://www.diabeteshelpcenter.com/free_ ... s%20recipe

I typed diabetic recipe into google when holding a dinner party for a group of friends (two are diabetic) and found these three sites most inspiring. Hope they help. i found the bbc one was easy to navigate.

best wishes

Thanks for these links, Sally. To make it more complicated, he has been told to follow a low Glaecemic Index diet for the diabetes, which makes surprising things such as broad beans, parsnips & swedes evil, as they convert into sugar too fast, giving them a very high GI number! He is not supposed to eat potatoes, & can only eat wholemeal/granary bread, basmati or brown rice, or wholewheat pasta. He is having his diabetic review next week, on Tuesday afternoon, so it will be interesting to see how we have been doing.

Helen F
Hi Helen, I put my wife on a GI diet when I started to care for her when her hypos got out of control. It worked for her
There are several GI diet books. Rick Gallop has written two, Living with the Gi Diet, Virgin Books (2004), ISBN 0 7535 0882 6; also The Gi Diet; see also www.gidet.co.uk
best wishes norman gardner Image
Thank you, Norman. All I have so far is the little Collins Gem book on GI, but it has been helping a lot. My husband had his diabetic review at the GPs today, & they are very pleased with progress, although he still has to loose a lot of weight.

Helen F
Hi hf1a
My wife is a Type(1) diabetic.
If you eat a good normal diet you will find you can eat most thing's with in reason as long as you are careful and not overload your self with sugar.
I know that being a Type (1) diabetic is more sevier than Type (2) as my wife is insulin dependent.
my wife as been a diabetic 42 years since her Teens and advice as changed so many times over the years now we are told to eat most thing's but just be careful.
my wife as had many complication's over the years yet we have brought up 4 children over those years.
Stick to the rule's but also don't let Diabetes control your life just control the Diabetes.
Yes wholemeal bread is far better than white for Diabetics but a few potatoes wont hurt in moderation believe me.
Also watch food's which say they are low in sugar most of them are high in fat.
Please( PM ) us if your need any advice.
The folks on the newsgroup alt.diabetes.support.uk are very helpful - I read it because my elderly and disabled father is Type 2.

If you have not got newsreader software, get to it through Google Groups.