Carers pay

For issues related to specific conditions and disabilities.
Hello I wonder if anybody could advise me.

My Daughter has CP and needs 24 hr care. We currently have 3 carers who help out for 20 hrs a week or so.

From September they will be giving up their jobs and coming to work for us full time. We have agreed their hourly rate at £13pph which I think is quite good compared to the market (Please tell me if you disagree)

We are unlikely to use them for a lot of bank holidays and not at Christmas.

Do you think it is fair, in light of their rates, not to offer time and half/double time for bank holidays?

Thanks in advance.

It does seem a bit harsh to me, but whatever you agree must be agreed before they start, and put in writing in their contract
Is the money coming from Direct Payments?
If so the LA should be offering you a "Payroll Service" so they deal with tax, insurance, pensions, etc.
Be sure to take advantage of this, especially now pensions must be arranged too.
A lot of employers do not offer double time these days do they?

I was a computer operator once and got Shift Disturbance Allowance, that was good.
I think it's against the Law not to allow workers time off.
As your role will be that of employer, you must obey employment law. As previously advised, the LA should have someone dealing with payroll who should ensure that you are following the law. Do NOT pay them "cash in hand" as this may leave you liable in future.