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Celiacs and epilepsy

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Hi all,

Does anyone know if celiac can affect epilepsy. My OH is suffering from symptoms similar to those of celiacs and it does run in his family. He cant eat as it goes straight through him and he ends up with sever cramps. At first we thought it may have been due to the medication, but we just dont know. Have started giving him dioralyte. He can manage to keep eggs down - just. Image
I've no idea - I've never met anyone with both, but that doesn't mean anything!

It's logical though that anything that upsets his system could trigger an episode, so it may be worth cutting out gluten from the diet: at least reducing it as much as possible to start with should show some improvement after a few days?
HI Grey wolf
I do not know if this will help but my husband has been on a gluten free diet for about 4 years - since our grandaughter was diagnosed a celiac and our daughter worked out what had been wrong with her and her dad for years!
Ian had a stroke last year and has developed post stroke epilepsy. I have carefully monitored his diet and pattern of seizures but cannot find any links.
On a more practical note - Tescos and Asda both have an ever increasing selection of gluten free products that are considerably cheaper than buying from a health food type shop - and some of them are actually quite OK.

Check with GP,some prescribe gluten free foods now.My aunty gets quite a bit this way.
Unfortunately you have to have a confirmed diagnosis as a celiac to be eligible for gluten free food on prescription. This is not easy, involving tests after yo7 have been on a 'normal diet' for a while. So this means you have to eat food you know will make you ill just to get the confirmed diagnosis.