Young carers

For issues related to specific conditions and disabilities.
We don't seem to have a section on the board for young carers.
There are a few resources out there - here is a fairly new group for young carers on Bebo that I came across recently: They have already got over 100 members: very impressive!

The intro is:
hi we r da moderators of this group. i am 15 and sarah is 17 we r both carers, sarah has been a carer longer than me she's been caring for 6 years and i av been a carer for 4 years. Even though i havent been a carer for long you still have to go through all the feelings and situations as wateva happens to either the carer or the person ur caring for affects everyone. Me and my sister care for both our parents our mum suffers from a condition called tyroids and also suffers from anxiety and depression. we also care for our dad who suffered from a pulemonary embolism 6 years ago and from then he has suffered from strokes and is very badly anaemic as well as suffering from dimentia. So here's our carer story so if u need to talk or just hang out n calm down ur welcome to stay lol
You have to hand it to the kids... all that and they still have the energy and skills to set up a forum.
What an inspiration they are and we know their numbers are going to increase dramatically as time goes by.All the more reason they have a support network in place.