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Holidays with COPD

For issues related to specific conditions and disabilities.
Hello all - hope you can help with this query.
My husband has Emphysema and has small bottles of oxygen to use whenever he feels the need. He was recently told by his oxygen nurse that he needs to be on oxygen 15 hours a day - this includes overnight. We've been given a machine called a concentrator which takes in oxygen from the surrounding air and send it through a tube connected to a canula which my husband uses.

This machine is fairly noisy and I'm worried about going away anywhere. Apart from the fact that it is pretty heavy to lug about - although the company has said they will deliver to any holiday destination in the UK - I'm bothered by the fact that is it going to be too noisy for people in the rooms adjacent to us? Are we destined for self-catering holidays from now on? Image

Having a concentrator is all new to us and I haven't got my head round the practicalities as yet? I'm sure I'm over-reacting but there must be other people who are in the same situation. Please can you help - thanks.
It may be worth asking hotels you've used in the past - you may already know yourself which ones were reasonably quiet. Going during quiet times is a good bet too perhaps?

There are hotels around that say they specialise in supporting guests with disabilities - Bond Hotels (I think - got the info at work rather than at home) in Blackpool, John Grooms Hotels and others. All worth a look at least.
Thanks for the information Charles47 - I should have thought of that myself - told you I hadn't got my head around it yet Image
I will ring up a few places and see what they say.
Thanks again
COPD and oxygen, etc., is a big thing to get your head around, Miss Read. We only found out my dad had COPD a week before he died (pneumonia and heart failure).