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Bullous Pemphigoid

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Hello pawsforthought. I'm sorry to hear your husband has bullous pemphigoid - it's a horrible thing, isn't it! I do hope he's on the mend now?

I searched for BP on here because my 91 year old mum has it - well, she's had it for well over a year but it was only diagnosed about 3 months ago! Her poor old legs were in an awful state and the itching was driving her mad. Exactly the same as your OH, night time was the worst time and lack of sleep doesn't help does it!

After a few months of leg dressing mum's blisters finally went away - though her legs are still pretty sore. Sadly, last week, she started with the itching again - I phoned the doctor to ask for blood tests, which they did on Tuesday, and I have to phone for the results tomorrow. As far as I know mum's doctors have only ever experienced one other case of pemphigoid.

I'm hoping that we can glean something from the blood results - personally I think they've reduced mum's steroids too quickly and haven't reached a stable dose for her - we'll see.

Anyway, sorry for my waffling on - it's a relief to see that we're not the only ones experiencing this.

My sister suffers from pemphigoid albeit an unusual type peculiar to Downs Syndrome. It's confined to her hands and feet and the skin goes red and then "dry" yellow blisters form - the skin dries out and peels off like a snake leaving new skin underneath. It's a bit itchy when the skin is peeling but hasn't caused too many problems over the years and hasn't needed any specialist treatment. It comes and goes over a few years and then disappears. It's triggered by drugs especially antibiotics and also often appears after she has been poorly. I had to take her to a few doctors before it was diagnosed. Not to be confused with pemphigus which is more serious condition.
Your poor sister dragonlady Image You're spot on when you say we're lucky it's not pemphigus - mind you, pemphigoid when left untreated is horrible too.

Mum has had a blister come up today so I will be contacting the doctor (when I can get through on the phone!) - I'm hoping they'll maybe up her dose of steroids to keep it under control.

Take care,
My sister is lucky as she has the "dry" form of the disease. The blisters don't burst- they are just reabsorbed and the skin goes dry and peels away. Because people with Downs have reduced sensitivity in their skin she isn't unduly troubled by it- it just looks awful when the dry skin peels away. The skin underneath is lovely - like a newborns. I have found that drugs are the main culprit in provoking an attack and have got to know which ones will start it off. I had a major problem with the respite place I used who used to see the peeling skin and drag her off to a doctor( not her own) who actually prescribed the drugs that cause it! They once thought it was athlete's foot and dragged her off to a chiropidist who again prescribed the wrong treatment. It was like a never ending circle till I realised what was going on. Elderly people are at risk of the more serious form of the disease as their skin is more fragile and the blisters burst which must be very painful. My sister never needs anything more than a topical steroid cream for a few days. I was warned by a doctor that over use of steroids can make things worse though.
just stumbled across this!! this is what my mum has amongst other things.... blistering on her legs was awful and she did have a spell in hospital.