Brain Hemorrhage - how to convey wishes and navigate the health care system

For issues related to specific conditions and disabilities.
Difficulty swallowing is one of the common indicators of a stroke actually.
If she is managing milk puddings, can't she just have two of those, and skip the main course, for now. I'm a firm believer in the "little of what you fancy does you good" theory.
I've had seven operations, three in private hospitals. Can I give you some insight?
When I had my last knee replacement, there had been a recent change of management in the Nuffield Hospital. They had decided that all patients should be presented with loads of food, so they were getting "good value for money". If I'd been for a mountain hike or digging the garden, I might just have managed the meals, but I was immediate post op and almost immobile. However much I told the hospital "hostess" I just wanted small portions, the large ones kept coming. I just took one look at turned them away. I've never refused so much food in my life!
Can mum still manage yoghurt? Supermarkets sell children's size pots now, my grandson had lots when he was a baby. Only a few teaspoons worth, but tasty. Last time my mum was in an NHS hospital, they had a patient's fridge, be sure to label mum's food clearly though. You can also buy jellies that don't need to be in a fridge from supermarkets, designed for kids lunchboxes. Even just a few spoonfuls might help mum.
As she had the insight to do a DNT, did she ever sign a power of attorney? The hospital will be much more inclined to talk to you openly if you have one.
Colin_17031 wrote:Difficulty swallowing is one of the common indicators of a stroke actually.
Thanks Colin, yes I'm aware of that
Surely with swallowing problems speech and language would be involved before they even think of discharging/relocating your loved one (be it home or alternative venue) as they would be considered an aspiration risk. Plus obviously they would be looking at any way to assist rehabilitate or work around communicational difficulties.

We all have varied needs and levels of complexity involved in how we are looked after. Try to seek out the hospital liaison regarding anything you feel you aren't having your feedback taken onboard with.

Sorry I could not contribute more have alot on and was just noticed the thread on forum index so can't go into details but am sure plenty of others have been here and can help