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Blindness - Carers UK Forum


For issues related to specific conditions and disabilities.
My mother went blind over a year ago and still can't quite accept it.
We have had tremendous help from the charity VISTA, but we can't think of something to occupy her time/hands.
She used to do sewing, card-making, crafty stuff but no longer.
Talking books send her to sleep, and local radio isn't always very interesting.

Has anybody got any ideas?? :)
Hi David,
How about listening to music, threading chunky jewellery, basket weaving, modelling materials (fimo, clay, salt dough,) mosaics, collage, paper mache ( feels nicer if the paste is warm,) painting with textured paint.

Digital radio such as BBC radio 4 Extra. Lots of good drama and comedy, and all available on iPlayer so she can listen when she wants, not just when broadcast.
How desperately sad - poor poor woman. (I have poor vision myself, and the thought of blindness terrifies me).

Surely the place to start is the RNIB etc, and maybe Action for the Blind (I think that's it!).

There must be loads of crafts that she could do - eg, knitting, even lacemaking? Or what about learning to play the piano or another instrument?

Is there a local group she could join maybe, of visually impaired/non-sighted people, or at least pick their brains as to what they can do.
How about a local choir. There is a local group - come and sing where I live. I'm quite sure she would know many songs/hymns. The words could easily be recorded possible braille etc
Could she join the local church for get together. People always assume you need to be religious. Your local salvation army could also help. Some times they provided home visitors. Some location provided going out for tea with other similar people. Some libraries provided home visiting.


things which come to mind: have you considered a befriending organization, someone to visit or chat by phone; an Amazon Echo of Dot; the audio descriptive option on the tv.
Hi David,
I too care for someone who has lost their sight, it took a long time before it was accepted.
VISTA should be able to supply you with local craft sessions, coffee mornings and other events being held for the visually impaired . They would arrange travel assistance also.

Has your mum served in the forces or National Service ? Blind Veterans UK is an amazing charity for ex personnel.