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Balance Disorders

For issues related to specific conditions and disabilities.
I suffer from a balance disorder. Balance disorders where one feels unsteady, giddy, woozy, or have a sensation of movement, spinning, or floating are quite common and caused by problems with the inner ear. They are very debilitating, and at present there isn't much that can be done to cure the condition.

I have created a Downing Street petition, I invite you to sign, asking for more research into this problem.


I am a digital artist and this picture is a depiction of how my balance problems feel to me!

I too have suffer from this problem, which leaves me completely flat out for about a fortnight. GP's have had to do a house call, but cannopt do much. Informed me it was labyrinthitis. Last week, I saw a physiotherapist, specially trained in this, and he did lots of tests, and believes me to be suffering from migrainous vertigo, not labyrinthitis. Apparently it can be brought on by stress!That does make sense, because the times that I have been really ill, it has been times of extreme stress. One of the problems I recognised in myself, was nausea in large supermarkets, and that is apparently the noise surrounding me. I am pleased to have the diagnosis, as I can try to deal with it.I also had some treatment for dizziness when I get up from bed, and it does seem to have worked.

This treatment isn't readily available, as physios have to be specially trained. The one I saw went to Canada to do his training.

Good luck in finding some help. There is plenty of info online about this, and you will be able to see whether the symptoms match yours at all.

I will go onto this petition now, and sign it. Image
I find supermarkets difficult too, apparently that is very common in people with balance problems.

I am going through a very bad patch at the moment, but have to keep on carrying on. Some days I wish I could stay in bed forever. That of course is not an option!
My wife suffers from this, badly.
So badly she was medically retired and i have becomce her carer.
Knocks her so badly she is bed bound for at least two days every week and has lots of problems in between.
She has found that exercise she does,along the lines taught by physio helps as does some generalexercises.
Such as Yoga and Pilates.
Not the full range of course but floor based and gentle,but she has seen improvements.
my husband suffers from balance problems, i have
signed and thank you so much.

My hubby has a condition called spinicerebellar ataxia which causes balance probs, speech and muscle probs, our neurologist believes its hereditory from his father who had a similar condition but not as severe. His MRI showed that his cerebellum has shrunk so it is untreatable and he will get worse with time- we are just waiting for genetic testing to find out the exact type he has so a better prognosis can be found.
take care all xx