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Deaf support - DVD - Peterlee - Carers UK Forum

Deaf support - DVD - Peterlee

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A DEAF support group has launched a DVD to help carers understand what it is like to have a hearing impairment.

Peterlee based Durham Deafened Support has created the disc to show the effects deafness can have on a person and their families and how obstacles can be overcome.

The DVD was written by Jane Atkinson from the group that offers help and advice to hearing impaired people and was funded by the NDLC.

A spokeswoman for the support group said: "This has been too long in coming.

"It is a wonderful DVD. We have been waiting for something like this for a very long time. I think it's great, fabulous.

"It provides excellent training and really raises awareness and I'm sure it will help others.

"It has a powerful message that is well delivered. The DVD will prove very useful to training in agencies and for any service providers

"The DVD is a poignant reflection of how severe hearing loss changes your life"

Copies of the DVD are on sale for £3 from Durham Deafened Support which has an office on the fourth Floor in Lee House, Peterlee.

The group can be contacted on (0191) 518 3358.
Probably a bit late for my husband (his partial hearing loss happened as a teenager), but I'm glad the DVD'll be there for others - including friends & family.

It's something where small things like shifting the living room furniture around and reducing backgoround noise can make all the difference.
Thank you about sharing the information regarding the DVD. My daughter has an hearing loss, so the DVD will be useful.