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As some of you know my husband had a stroke among other things well 2weeks ago he was really ill with cellulitus in his bad leg when he was really cold a hot water bottle was putin his bed he didnt know it was touching well he burnt since then his leg has become a mess the distict nurse has been coming in well on fridayshe wasnt to bothered about it well she should have been here this morning and hasnt come yet well i have just seen to it it is a mess so i have seen to it they have been putting a honey oitment on it i will be on the phone to them at 2 oclock as he has diabetes i think it has gone bad as anybody used this sort of cteam if so was it any good thanks Molly
hi Moly honey is very good .
we use honey sheets on mums legs. & it is grate.
i found that the nurses never come when they are ment to so i tock over dressing them on my own.
when you say it is vere messe how do you mean it .
is the honey run & its clear .?
has the wond got like a lot of white stuf on it .?
is the wond giving out like a lot of water.?
or what do you mean let me now & i will try to sort you out.
but keep yousing the honey it is grate unles he has a alargy to honey.?

hope i am of some help only i have been using honey on mum for 6 months now.
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Hi Molly,

Good to hear from you just not the reason why.Keep us posted how you both are.

The honey treatment is a new one to me.A few years ago after being discharged from hospital after a routine operation ,I was readmitted to ICU for 5 days due to infection and cellulitis.Back then they used some sort of dressings that contained Silver.We learn something new every day.

Hope all goes well Molly.

Chin up
x x x x
Rosemary they still do youse plasters with silver in them .
but honey ones are new wons for olsers & the like.
Rosemary they still do youse plasters with silver in them .
but honey ones are new wons for olsers & the like.
Thx for explaining that to me
x x x
Hello Molly

Sorry to hear about your husbands leg and the hassle you have had with the nurses not turning up when they should! I'm afriad I'm like Rosemary about the Honey, never heard of it but good to know just incase I might ever need to use it !

I do hope that you are keeping alright otherwise and that you will keep us posted on how things are with you both.

Take care
Maryann x
just a quick update we had 3 nurses and gp in the end they have put diffrent stuff on him now also he is back on tablets for it they are coming again tomorrow unless i need them today i hope not some good news my daughter has another baby in march this is her 10 th child she always wanted 10 so it looks like she has done it iwill go now thanks for being there Molly ps Lola no more quotes or poems?
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She might as well go for the full football team and a substitute!

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i remember a consultant instructing us to use honey on a wound once 20 years ago . Straight from the bottle it was amazing i have never seen anything heal up so quickly. Never seen it done since.
Hope all goes well with the healing.