Advice on social services and residential care

For issues related to specific conditions and disabilities.
Ruth, how are things now?
Hi everyone I was wondering the same thing as we have had a talk with my husbands care manager and she said he does not fit criteria ? But he has secondary progressive Ms and permanently in wheelchair and not able to get out to go to the loo . A friend told me it's a choice you can make for yourself if you wanted to go in a home but I can't see an answer on this forum ??
If you are self funding then social services will have no say or influence.
My son now has legal aid to fight the county council. There are specialist solicitors dealing with this area of law, maybe this is the way to resolve the current situation. If you are on income support or thereabouts there is no charge. If you are going to be "self funding" then you might as well spend some money on legal advice.