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advice needed im new - Carers UK Forum

advice needed im new

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hi im new to this my husband was diagnosed with degeneation of his l4/l5 disc with narrowing of his spinal canal with disc bulge and back spasms and sciatica he is at his wits ends even the slightest things he does he cant then walk or move for a couple of days just wanted to see if there was any one else on here with simular probs his consultant has said due to the fact that the epidural needles he has had in his back its a waste of time him having any more and has refeed him to a pain management clinic in other words he has passed the buck to someone else
sorry if i have posted in another section


sirry sweety i don know anything about tha condition. It sounds very frustrating 4 u xx try to gte local help if possible or ask social services. xxx
Welcome aboard!

Although my own back is troublesome it's thankfully not as bad as your hubby's. Pain clinics can help people to manage their pain when the situation is unlikely to be correctable, and can make a big difference to the way people cope. I've come across quite a few people who have really benefited from it although in one case they were very sceptical about it.
My husband has a longstanding back injury.He has had two discs removed, and has had epidural treatment, which helped temporarily, as well as a lot of other treatment,including nerve blocks and acupuncture.

Last week, his pain medication was reviewed, and he is now on new medication, which seems to be controlling the pain better than for years. His face is a lot brighter, and he can walk upright. He is still in pain, but it is bearable now.

I hope you can find something to help your husband.
My husband has degenerative disc disease. One of his discs has completely crumbled away and others are going. He can't stay on his feet for more than about 30 seconds at a time and he is in constant pain. In theory he is still under the hospital for this but as they never want to see him or do anything it's as if he's getting no care. He has an appointment soon at a pain clinic at another hospital soon so we'll just have to see what they can do. He takes so many tablets I tell him he rattles when he walks. The doctors keep telling him to lose weight but when his back first went he was at his slimmest and has piled on the weight through immobility. Eating is his only pleasure and it's hard to give it up.
I don't think I can be of any practical help to you but if you want to talk pm me anytime. It's nice to know there's others in the same position.(Well you couldn't describe it as nice exactly but you know what I mean)
have only just joined Carers Uk- saw your post from Oct- hope things are better. If you have not had a second opinion, get one- pay for it if you can. afford it. Find out who the top people in this field are. You are entitled as an NHS patient to be referred elsewhere. Do not put up with the parcel-passing. I worked as a nurse for 44 years and saw plenty of this.If your husband was a car (!) you would go to another garage. Good luck.