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advice needed

For issues related to specific conditions and disabilities.
hi im new to this my husband was diagnosed with degeneation of his l4/l5 disc with narrowing of his spinal canal with disc bulge and back spasms and sciatica he is at his wits ends even the slightest things he does he cant then walk or move for a couple of days just wanted to see if there was any one else on here with simular probs his consultant has said due to the fact that the epidural needles he has had in his back its a waste of time him having any more and has refeed him to a pain management clinic in other words he has passed the buck to someone else
My husband has had disc problems for nearly thirty years on and off. He has had two discs removed, and has had numerous epidurals and nerve blocks, with short term success.

About 18 years ago, he decided to support the local canoeing club, which were raising money for the local Downs Syndrome Association, while doing this, he found that learning to canoe actually seemed to strengthen his back, and he was even able to go back to work for a few years.He only stopped canoeing when he lost his sight,(diabetes, nothing to do with his back), and he has had a big deterioration since.Canoeing too difficult, as he is nervous of hitting someone whilst paddling.

He goes to a pain specialist clinic,they have actually been very supportive, and have tried various different things over the years. At the moment, he has acupuncture every six to eight weeks, in an NHS hospital.It seems a waste of time to me, as he looks worse after the treatment, but he insists he cuts down on painkillers for a week or so afterwards.

I had an uncle with a similiar problem years ago. He slept on the floor for several weeks, and two months later was back at his job as a butcher, which was very heavy work. He never had a problem with his back again,so there is always positive news.

Best of luck.
hello there

i posted on the new members thread to you Image
my husband has spinal canal stenosis, he was diagnosed with other
things before that i.e. arthritis, he was in pain, and had
to have a wheelchair and equipment in the home, however
he had the epidural and fingers crossed, he is still pain free,
he had balance problems, but has taught himself to walk, and although it
is very slow, he does try, and the wheelchair went straight back.
i really hope you do get some help on here.