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Admirably stubborn independence... - Carers UK Forum

Admirably stubborn independence...

For issues related to specific conditions and disabilities.
Dad is one of the old school. 92, wheelchair-bound as of six years ago due to a lower spinal condition and resultant operation. He lives alone. My sister and I are there regularly. He accepts a carer twice a week for bathing and so on but daily dressing, and the nurse to dress a pressure sore. Well he'll cope come h*ll or high water.
However, he finds it nearly but not quite impossible to pull his trousers on in a morning and is looking for a hoist system he can use by himself. He's looking to built himself (his grandson to do it for him) a hoist/pulley system fastened to the bedroom ceiling to get himself upright so he can pull his trousers up. He simply will not, at least at the moment, have more care.
Currently he's looking at scaffolding websites and mechanics' pulley shops.

None of the aids I've seen for sale are suitable and the hoists I've seen need a carer to operate.
Does anyone have any way around this?
Any mileage in changing the type of trousers he wears ? I'm thinking jogging pants that might be easier to pull on halfway whilst sitting, then stand and pull up the rest of the way. They should be easier than normal trousers.

The other option would be to involve your local Occupational Therapists and see if they have any suggestions on suitable equipment - you can self refer to the OT's and you'll probably find their contact details on your Local Authority website (if not his GP should have their details).
Hmmmm....I see the problem. Would he by any chance accept a visit from an occupational therapist? Trained to advise on mobility equipment, as I am sure you know. You might need to reassure him that nothing will be "inflicted" on him, that he simply get practical advice.

None of my business so hope you don't mind me saying this...it's just that I rather admire him.
Hope you find a safe solution. Maybe something as simple as adapted clothing perhaps?
(Oh dear, S and I thinking along same lines, posting same time) :)
Thanks, both of you. I'll pester him again about the OTs but he's afraid he'll lose benefit if he gets more equipment, not that he's got much. A wheelchair, cushion and an air-pump bed, in total. It's odd how normally fiercely independent people suddenly fear those who in times past they'd have brushed aside as irrelevant to them.
Annoyingly he doesn't like trackpants but again I'll press him. Heavens he hates being bothered or pushed! Gingerly does it. :)
You can re-assure him that he won't lose any benefit no matter how much equipment he has !
Adaptawear Clothing. On line. Sideways opening trousers. Zzipped to below knee. I found their sizing a bit weird....big....but big "seats" on them to allow comfort in wheelchair. Might be worth checking this company products out meanwhile.
Might help for the time being.
That looks very interesting. I'll direct him to that on his laptop and go through it with him when I'm round. Thanks.
Hi Alan
From the OT your dad could get a frame around the toilet, which has arms to help him stand and if he also had a grab rail or two in handy positions, then maybe he could manage for a bit longer, especially if you can find him some easy to manage trousers. I'm thinking he could put his trousers on in the bathroom?
Perhaps if you tell him that equipment from the OT is only 'on loan', to be returned when he has finished with it, rather like a library book except you don't have to 'renew' every couple of weeks. All perfectly true.
Likewise all stand aids I've seen have to have someone there to help. BUT I'm sure I've seen a bed aid which is something designed to dangle from the ceiling that one pulls on in order to move in bed. However I do think dad needs something more stable while he is struggling to pull up his trousers.
Do work on getting the OT to see him. Well worth the effort.