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10 Professionals and not one listened! - Carers UK Forum

10 Professionals and not one listened!

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10 Professionals and not one listened!

by Huegatort » Sun Feb 08, 2015 9:01 pm

On the 3rd of Jan our Son age 37 who has schizophrenia didn't feel well. We phoned the local hospital pharmacy and she advised us to call the out of hours, which we did and we spoke to the Dr. He ask my Son and I a series of questions and advised us to see GP next day which we did; he said I don't know whats wrong go to the dentist and so we did the very next day. He noted our Sons eye and mouth as we did, said his mouth/teeth had no problems. He goes to the Dentist regularly.

The next day I took my Husband to have a colonoscopy and then took our Son into the walk in centre, we saw a nurse and right away she said, " oh you have Bell's Palsy my sister had the same>" We were then sent to see a senior Nurse, said he has Bell's palsy go back to your Dr which we did that very afternoon and he said he hadn't noted our Sons eye and mouth and I made clear it was obvious, he said go home and I'll phone you which we did and ask us to go back in. He then told our Son he had Bell's Palsy and gave him a 10 day course of steroids. We dispensed the prescription immediately and when the course was finished we returned to the Dr who said your condition hasn't gone fully so come back and see me in 4 weeks.

A week after this happened our Son became very ill, he had a severe headache, we got the out of hours Dr here who said our Sons sickness was due to vertigo associated with Bell's Palsy and he gave him an injection and said go to your own Dr in a few days. Not long after the Dr left, our Son was vomiting badly and he couldn't stand up.

Tues after tea our Son looked worse, his vision was blurred, his speech slurred and his right eye and side of his mouth were worse. I phoned the out of hours Dr immediately and explained, she said get an ambulance and we did and two very small ambulance girls came. They took a look at our Son and tried to convince my Husband and I that it was just the Bell's Palsy, one even getting on her phone to google Bell's Palsy. We made clear that the Dr from the hospital had said he had to come into hospital and they tried to talk us out of it. We were adamant that they took him to hospital.

They ask our Son to stand up and as he got to the bedroom door his legs buckled and he hit the floor fast and heavily onto his backside, he ambulance girl saying, " oh you got to the floor fast." Our son then had to shuffle slowly along the landing and then down the stairs. Then as they got our Son in the ambulance she turned to my Husband and said, "he hasn't had a stroke so we are in no hurry so we won't put the blue light on."

On 10 different occasions and each time we saw a medical person I explained my fears that he may have had a stroke but the ambulance girls and the 2 nurses we saw at the hospital were the worse and more blase!

After a CT and MRI scan it revealed that our Son had had a stroke due to a blood clot at the back of his brain!!!!!! I was right all along and not one of those professionals listened!!!!!!! I don't think I need to explain how my Husband and I feel!!!!
Have a look at your insurance policies. If you have "legal expenses" on any of them, get in touch as soon as possible. I received £10,000 worth of legal investigations after my husband died. Hopefully, your son will be entitled to compensation for negligence.
That is truly shocking! I hope you are all doing as well as you can right now x
I just happened to be browsing other parts of the site to my usual members corner (I usually go straight to that one - purely by habit I think)
Anyway after reading your upsetting situation I really hope that your hospital and the team looking after your son has managed to help him and treat him properly.
As has already been said you need to check insurance policies to see if you have legal cover but certainly write a strong initial letter of complaint to the head of each individual's department you spoke to.
Send each letter recorded delivery and keep copies
Keep notes of everything which happens or start a diary
Contact the care quality commission and tell them - they apparently do not investigate individual cases but at least your son's case of miscarriage treatment will be recorded
Then at least when you do get legal advice you have plenty of notes and information which you have already recorded
I know that writing and complaining will not undo the wrong which all these people inflicted on your son but hopefully by complaining and also getting legal advice you will be able to gain a little better balance and redress to help your son
Also re keeping notes - keep writing about your son's (and your) experiences on here that is how I managed and kept relatively sane with my Mum's complaint against her hospital
Big hugs and best wishes to all your family x
I am so sorry to hear you situation. It sounds a lot like mine.

My partner saw a number of health car professionals before finally being diagnosed with a Grade 4 brain tumour.
His doctor thought he had had a stroke, his consultant thought he had inflamation of the brain. It was only when he collapsed in Bolton and was taken to Salford Royal (the other side of the Pennines) that he was finally diagnosed.

We have complained to PALS (Patient Advisory Liason Service) most hospitals/NHS trusts have them and they will investigate what has gone wrong for you. I strongly advise you to contact them.

I don't suppose anything would have changed my partner's prognosis, but your son could have died. It doesn't bear thinking about. All the very best.
Thank you all so much for taking the time to reply to my message; all information very much appreciated I have to say.

I'm so sorry I've taken all this time to respond but at times I forget where I've posted but have now realised I can check this in my posts; we live and learn!

Our Son still experiences balance problems, his sight has been damaged and so has his hearing. His gait is now as it was when he was a toddler.If he's tired the damage is more evident. At times he suddenly falls asleep due to fatigue. He has difficulty walking on pavements that have a slight slope and when trying to walk uphill, steps are worse.

If he tries to carry a drink from one room to the next it ends up everywhere.

I take him out as much as I can to help his rehabilitation but I'm still optimistic that he may do better with time.

Oh Huegatort
Am so sorry. I've just read your posts.
My husband had signs of a stroke at least 18months ago ( so much has happened I can't quite remember) . He went to hospital, they did some sort of tests but not a scan. He was told it wasn't a stroke. After lots of incidents, dreadful UTIs he had a stroke without doubt. This time he had a scan, to discover the last time it actually was a stroke,plus several mini strokes. I will never be able to forgive his own GP at the time, or the hospital at the first time round. He now has vascular dementia, in a nursing home. I'm not saying this wouldn't have happened but the last stroke certainly speeded it up.
His GP did a dementia test previously when I wrote to him with my concerns. What nonsense. The questions he asked were deep in hubby's memory. He never even took notice when hubby said it was 1980!
I shouldn't really off load to you like this and I apologise.
You keep up the optimism, your son sounds like he is getting there.
Do desperately wish the medical people would listen. We maybe lay people, but we know our own family member and what actually has been happening.
I don't know what it is about scanning that doctors everywhere seem to hold in total abhorrence! I can only assume it's the cost.

From what I understand an XRay only costs the NHS something like £25 - I've heard it called 'cheap as chips' at cancer conferences! A CT scan is considerably more expensive, a few hundred pounds (I think about £400-500 but I may be wrong on that) (these are the costs to the NHS - all these 'cross-charging' that departments do now). An MRI scan is the most expensive (but the safest - no radiation - though it won't show inside lungs well, not like CT scans). Ultrasound is very cheap, and very safe, but not very detailed.

But what gets me, time after time, is that medics do seem to be constitutionally averse to 'looking inside' the body with a scan!

It's so stupid (unless it truly is just the cost of it!)(and, I suppose, grudgingly, not wanting to expose to radiation....though you need a LOT of radiation to do any damage, including kicking off cancer!). But it reduces medics to the equivalent of an architect who is staring at a house from the outside, trying to tell what the rooms look like from the inside without actually going inside the house!

In practical terms, for us as patients and carers, IF it's at all financially possible, it may be 'prudent' to offer to have a scan done privately maybe? (Though even then the medics can poo poo it with 'oh, it's not necessary'...which is NOT the point!)

(I know scans are not foolproof, and stuff can still be missed, but not even trying to see what is going on inside the human body just seems insanely stupid to me!)
Hello Pet66
Please don't apologise for sharing your story, it will help others, myself included. I also think it's cathartic too.
I see you felt the same frustration as I did with your GP and all the other so called professionals.
I am so sorry that your dear Husband is in a nursing home but I agree with all you said about the damage strokes can do.
Also the way in which the NHS staff talk to us like we know nothing, that is what infuriates me! If they listened more maybe our lives would not be so difficult and our loved ones would get the help that we as Carers know they need.
Our Son was too late for any help by the time that they discovered he'd had a stroke and thankfully the blood clot broke up and dispersed. With medication he did well bless him and of course all of our love and support.
Thank you so much for your kind words; they are very much appreciated.
Hello Jenny lucas

I couldn't agree more with all that you have written. Money appears to stand in the way of certain treatments for certain ailments but it shouldn't be the case.

The paragraph that I will post below from your post sums it up so well.

It's so stupid (unless it truly is just the cost of it!)(and, I suppose, grudgingly, not wanting to expose to radiation....though you need a LOT of radiation to do any damage, including kicking off cancer!). But it reduces medics to the equivalent of an architect who is staring at a house from the outside, trying to tell what the rooms look like from the inside without actually going inside the house!

Thank you also for your post; it helps when other Carers share their frustration about the health service.