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Psychology versus Parapsychology and the Human Mind - Carers UK Forum

Psychology versus Parapsychology and the Human Mind

For issues specific to caring for someone with mental ill health.
My mum is suffering from dementia and has undergone personality changes which I am sure that most are familiar.

Being a parapsychologist I share certain traits with the psychological world but not entirely. The pre noun 'para' means beyond.

Apart from being a parapsychologist I am also a psychic doing my own mediumship. Much of this is also strange to me as I would imagine that it also confuses many others. In my work, I have been known to lose time. The only way I found out about lost time was after playing back recordings whilst in a trance state.

From my understanding there is a difference between the mind and the brain. One works on the physical whilst the other works on the subconscious spiritual plane.
The mind works on creativity whilst the brain is just a simple crunching machine which helps our physical bodies. Like doing maths for example.
I usually spend a lot of time on these paranormal forums. Which I had often said that you guys are crazy...I think we will get along fine together. Which they say not as crazy as you are. Meaning that they are deemed crazy by others making me more crazier than they are.

Before I side step into obscurity let me talk about dementia and mental illness.
From my understanding, brain cells die at an alarming rate which becomes a serious illness.

The brain is physical and our crunching machine dies which is only one tenth conscious. Our nine tenths subconscious I would term as the mind is unaffected.

It only becomes affected when the brain fails to communicate with it...so I believe it separates. This probably explains why short term memory is lost whilst long term memory is still in the subconscious in the fourth dimension where time does not exist.

This probably explains why people with dementia and other mental illnesses have no concept of time.

Further to this point, we can liken similar situations when people get drunk. We can find perfectly rational people losing all sense of rationability and being uncharacteristically violent. This I believe is because people are naturally violent and drink causes the person to lose a grip on their reasoning.

Perhaps explaining why others are just in a happy state.

In my mothers case, being a very mild person generally, it is difficult to understand why she gets these aggressive verbal behaviour patterns? Before I am told that it is just the illness, it does not really make sense.

I personally believe people are kept sane by their brain being in control. We hear stories of murders and such like from people hearing voices in their head. All rational people will understand these negative patterns and have control of their senses and never commit these crimes.

What happens when a person loses their sense of reality like for example people with dementia?
Could these negative initiations start to materialise?

I think they do.
The reason why is because as the mind separates it loses communication with the brain. Brain tries to rationalise with its limitations and confusion will also result.

Yes...I do believe demonic entities can influence a person especially so if they do not possess the will power to fight due to illness.

As a sane normal person I find as my ability intensifies, as I do not like shopping. A gift can also be a curse and to hear "I want...I want!!!" drilled into your brain is nauseating. You go into a restaurant and want to sit at a table away from others and things like that. Or walk in a shop and have to cling on to walls because of what happened a few centuries ago the energy is still there.

All these energies are around us and the more psychic you are, the more you feel them. In fact you do not realise there is anything there because you are used to them in a way. It is like enduring old age. It feels no different unless you go back to when you were a kid.

The biggest problem that I find is fear. Fear in case I do something wrong. You feel the hatred, love and feelings of people that you had crossed in your life. The emanations never go. They feel anger because they see their own failings.

When you hit the spiritual planes, these feelings are gone. Others cannot find or hurt you anymore as you are shielded.
With my mother there are all kinds of psychiatric reasons for the way she is.

I do not accept that.
Very interesting read George. Was wondering if through mediumship you could connect with your mother's subconscious, considering the gift is invariably inherited.
Hello Glyn,

That I cannot do.

Never been able to connect with my grandma either as she has been deceased for over 35 years now. My father-yes.

There is a lot that I can do and some things that I cannot. For example I can even touch my monitor screen and see mental pictures of who I am writing to. They took me to task once on a paranormal forum and I ended up being reported to the CIA and FBI. Hence saying that no one can be that accurate and that I am a computer hacker.
Regarding mental illness, there are many people who are in mental institutes that should not be there.

My mum had a fantastic ability when young but never really did much with it.

Even whilst she was bed ridden we had strange things happen.

1) Her On-Call would dial up by itself just before an emergency whilst I would be upstairs. Her pendant would be far away on a table. The 'On-Call' said that it always came from the box not the pendant. The last time it went off, was when I was to to pick her up at the hospital. I got up early and was making my way down the stairs and the box started dialling by itself. I knew something was wrong and it was a few minutes later that I got a call from the hospital to say that she was not being discharged.

2) Before she was unannounced and taken to the hospital, that very minute the fridge/freezer stopped working and all her frozen food (still switched on at the plug) began melting and filling up the fridge all soggy. Three weeks later on the very minute she arrived home from hospital, the fridge/freezer started working again without being touched.

3) The most interesting of all, was when the hospital cheated and put mum in an interim care home for physiotherapy when instead it was a one way ticket to a nursing home after the 12 weeks. No physiotherapy had taken place. Instead they kept trying to fail her mental capacity (which the could not) as she was still put on Pathway 3 to a nursing home. My mum had her mobile phone with her and after pleading with my brother to take her home, she phoned up the police and three policemen arrived at the interim care home to question the manager. He was so annoyed and upset that he told me to just take her home!!!
Whilst home, I was talking to Honey Legal about getting mum her PoA and my mobile phone rang to say that it was the doctors surgery on Derby Road. As I could not talk to them, I said I would call back as soon as Honey Legal were gone.

This I did but they did not know what I was talking about. This was the last number left on my phone (in my pocket all the time) and the one I phoned back. Strangely, it was the doctor's surgery but the one at Strelley and not the one on Derby Road. The receptionist who had been there all day said that no one phoned me. It was strange because I had moved to another location in that area and had registered with that surgery months earlier.

My girlfriend also needed to change her doctor, so together we visited this surgery to have her join. The same receptionist was at her desk and recalled my conversation I had with her weeks earlier.

This is what she said: "Oh I do not know how or why you got that phone call but we had been having problems with our switchboard. For some unknown reason it kept phoning up the police all by itself"

I asked her if I could record our conversation and she agreed. It is still on my computer but I do not think it is appropriate to send it as an attachment?

According to the hospital, my mum should be dead in a few weeks. I tried telling them that this will not happen but I cared not to argue about it as she was having FREE health care. She has guardian angels but how do I put that across?
Mum was happily reading her letters the other day.

Very interesting read George. Was wondering if through mediumship you could connect with your mother's subconscious, considering the gift is invariably inherited
I do believe that to be the case.
Dennis made reference to what he terms as coincidence

To further my points, I would like to go right back in time before I even existed but not on this forum

Those who have studied my posts will find that something is refusing to die. My mother is not ready to die despite what the medical profession says. This is science verses the supernatural.

Referring back to coincidences, I am not a coincidence, I was put here for a reason and I knew that back in 1958 (thereabouts)

My grandma was the only child that survived out of eight children from birth. My great grandmother prayed to the church of miracles in Limassol Cyprus for her next child to live.

On the ship Kypriana that migrated my mother's family to England, she was forewarned about a mighty storm and to light candles in the church of St Nicolas to live.

My mother spoke about this event to some of the passengers who laughed saying: "What a beautiful day!"
Apart from one man who warned of a great tempest that would occur.
Hours later emergency claxons rang out on the ship.

The ship nearly sank near the coast of Catania of southern Italy as helicopters were called out for survivors. The ship limped to the southern coast of Marsalis in France and was so badly damaged that it never sailed again.

My father was shot by a German plane and survived during the war.

The power comes from The ancient kingdom of Amathusia part of old Atlantis in Cyprus.
I also have this power and should have died many times. On one occasion I had upset some drug dealers by refusing to give them my petrol pump at the filling station. The next day whilst stopped at the adjacent traffic lights, I had a gun pointed at my head whilst with Julie. I went into a trance and awoke at the top of Canning Circus from a dream state. We both did and started shaking. Had I not been hypnotised, I would have run that guy over in a panic as he would have shot me.

There are many things that allow me to think this way.

I had often had this discussion about coincidences until this guy challenged my ability which I never wanted to use. He demanded a hurricane in his town of Maine USA (see attachments) saying that if I could not do this, to stop fooling everyone and to leave. I had no choice. What coincidences could not do in 17 years I got done in two days.
The power is uncanny and runs in the family. Thinking that would be the end of it, they wanted another one in LA California as the last one was in 1858. That took 3 days and hit California pretty hard.

To put it simply, I cannot be broken not until I finish what I am here to do in this world. I will pray for death and will not have it and will be very old when I die.

It is a curse to go through life and see all the suffering and pain all mankind created.
I see suffering here on this forum. Love...I do not have any but pity I do.

It is sadness that I feel.
When I was younger I prayed to God to never make me cry again after I cried every single day for three years for a loved one.
My tears would fill my pillow night after night so I asked him that I shed no more a tear for another human being.

Since that day, no tear had left my eyes. No love had I felt for another person but instead depression and sadness for not being able to cry.

That be my curse as all I can do is pity.

As for this inherited psychic ability it is a gift...but also a curse because I am not able to control the power within....for want of a better person than myself.


George. I have no doubts in your abilities and a very open mind to the spirit world. However, and perhaps of an advisory nature, your excitement for the defence of and the subject matter itself can appear over enthused. Predictions of storms, hurricanes and the like moved into the biblical premonition world and could be perhaps dismissed by many readers.

Your initial entry to this chat was about parapsychology being akin to but above psychology. Perhaps that is where you need to keep it. The ultimate subject matter is your mother's care and I trust that she is receiving the best.

Take care.
It is called '1984' Gwyn by George Orwell as to shut our mouths and not discuss the way that parapsychology affects our psychological ways and well being.

The human mind is the basis of all suffering and illness and because we deny the power of the mind we deny our own fallacy.
I say do not judge me, but judge the results. See what the human mind can do.

We get the holy bible thrust at our bedsides as comfort towards the dying but refuse to understand it.
Oh thee of little faith does not only apply to religion but is the major concept of getting better.

You say let us concentrate on my mother...but this is about my mother because the idiots who treat her which you have your faith is not what I have trust.
It clearly states 'Thy sins be forgiven thee' meaning that illness is associated with sin and to get rid of illness then the sin that had caused that illness must be eradicated.

This is how you and I differ and if it be allowed to differ then why have this c*mic book thrust along my mum's bed table? It takes the meanings and distorts because the people who use this book are prejudice to the true meanings.
They say: "Oh the woman is dying because we say so, and who can dare argue against the voice of authority as let us punish the person who disagrees" that being me. So I have to shut my mouth even here because people must be taught that illness is coincidental and needs to be treated after it has happened rather than before.

So what do they do: They say that the person is dying and that they can no longer save the body so it is up to God to absolve the person from their sin.
Let us throw the bible at them.
In my post I show the power of the mind and if people will adapt to their mind then most of this care will simply vanish.

My mother is 94 years old and does not take any medication. That is because there is nothing really wrong with her apart from dementia. That is caused by her sedentary life style.

Her heart beat is 75 bpm. Blood pressure 140/80. Skin perfect so why is she dying?

They wanted to put her on heart tablets. Why? Because there is something in their own troubled minds through brainwashing that when a person reaches a certain age that death is near.

I ask you to show me one person on this forum at 94 years old who had not been ordered to take medications?
I am 68 years old and do not look older than 49. I am fit and active and can run 300 yds faster than someone in their 20s.

This is not a boast. it is the ability of mind over matter. My mind mends my body because I accept it. Biblical clauses which also reflect my beliefs in different ways.
Bible is full of reincarnation but instead of teaching that we pass along through SALVATION. This is because we are MEANT to have been born into sin through Adam and Eve or better still The Tribe of Edom.
These erroneous ways is why you use:

Perhaps that is where you need to keep it.
Is that because you fear it?

Does the truth to the well being of patien's care bother you?
Or is it simply fear that what I am showing is too strong a point that offends others ?

I rest my case


I'll close my involvement with this chat by again wishing you and your mother well.

I entered the chat alone out of the many contributors, taking an interest in your subject matter. The tenet of your replies have been somewhat heavy handed and perhaps attacking to someone who took an interest.

I am a carer and look after my wife. That scenario alone gives me enough stress to go on with and I feel my interest in your subject matter need now stop to take away any other feelings of stress by your manner against the one olive leaf held out to you.

Take care and consider others are not on the same level of thought as you.