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yearly psychiatrist meetings -urrgh!!! - Carers UK Forum

yearly psychiatrist meetings -urrgh!!!

For issues specific to caring for someone with mental ill health.
my husband has just had his yearly care meeting which after starting late lasted for 30 minutes. He was asked what kind of year he had and my husband told him that it had been a difficult year, he explained why and the psychiatrist said well the therapy and the courses hadn't worked and needed an head on approach and then said the problem with my husband was that he sat and thought to much and that he should go and get a job so that he is busy with not a lot of time on his hands. my husband is by no means work shy and has tried voluntary work in the past but it only lasts for a couple of days before he gets ill[he has paranoid schizophrenia sufferes anxiety,panic attacks and other things as well] my husband also explained that he has a hobby of drawing and photography which he finds helps him to relax, and was told to be realistic as there were not many photographers that made a living out of this. he then asked us whether we thought that our childrens education was important and i found myself having to explain that i always brought my children up with the attitude that they were to work and that dad didn't work because he found it difficult with his schizophrenia i was also asked what i was planning to to for the future.
the pstchiatrist showed no interest in the questions we had gone there to ask him and just kept going on about an occupational therapist and going to down to the job centre. I tried to explain that my husband was not well enough to hold down a job as he has problems mixing with people he doesn't know and feels insecure in new surroundings he told me that once he had a routine he would be fine
so does anyone know if there is a job for a paranoid schizophrenic with panic attacks/anxiety and other issues who will let him go home when he is ill and be fine with him not coming in to work for weeks on end because hes not well enough and still pay him a full wage - if theres such a job we'll take it!!
First, welcome to the forum Image

Oh dear, what a kind meeting was it Image - typical!!!

As you said your husband is not well enough to get a job it is the same problem to other severely ill people. I think there are some mix up agenda with the Government's target to bring back "unemployed" to employed. Plus, your husband's psychiatrist is not understanding about his condition enough Image Please do not let non understanding professionals to mess your life up!!!

It must be very, very frustrationg and upsetting for all of you - it should not be that way. I may suggest to look in to a possibility of canging the psychiatrist by changing your GP - but if the GP is a nice doctor just ask her/him to refer your husband to a different psychiatrist.

Does your husband receives DLA and CA for you at all? Although it was about 6-7 years ago, I notied some behaviour changes within my local authority when my husband finally accepted to claim for some benefit & DLA and few years later I got CA. It is like so many people said that authority love to see formal document too much Image Image Image

"yearly care meeting" - do you mean your husband is under enhanced CPA? Or he only see the psychiatrist once a year??

If any infomation I can share with you I am more than happy to do so.

Keep posting here.

Take care.
thanks for the reply
Yes my husband does get DLA and has done so for the past 17 yrs i get CA and have done so for the last 14yrs. He was sectioned under the mental health act and attempted suicide in the place that was supposed to keep him from harm while awaiting assessment[a secure ward lockin lockout procedure] this was 20 yrs ago. since then he has attempted suicide a couple of times and was sectioned again 11 yrs ago.He has also had episodes of self harm where he has hammered a 7 inch nail through his hand and cut his skin as he thought he was a messenger of god and needed to suffer like jesus. he also thought he was in the SAS and burnt his arms to see how much pain he could take in case he was tortured. his mental health has been so unstable over the years that his medication was constantly altered so that at one point you couldn't even have a conversation with him as he couldn't take in the information. He was mostly on depixol for 15 yrs with other sedatives running along side of it. He was taken off depixol as he was developing parkinson like symptoms. he has muscle twitches which have eased but not entirely gone and he has been left with a permanent stutter. He is now on respiradol which he can think more on but he cannot control the thoughts and this causes him anxiety and panic attacks. he is constantly given paperwork to work through and challenge his thoughts, he can not do this all the time and his fortnightly visits from his CPN are like a homework report as why haven't you done it. If we want to ask about medication we have messages passed on through his CPN and conveyed back to us. Our family doctor is fantastic and always asks how i am and why i don't visit he even took my mother-in-law as a patient so that it would make it easier for us even though she is outside his area she has angina and breast cancer.
Earlier this year he was in respite care and he had to go back every month for a few days stay but he didn't feel safe and would want picking up at 6 in the morning so we decided that it wasn't for him. The psychiatrist who sent him there is the same one who now wants to send him to work to tackle his issues head on. I feel that because their therapy hasn't worked for my husband they are trying to make him feel a failure, but believe me when i say we have tried therapy [anger management, self awareness,low self asteem and confidence building cognitive therapy, diaries, art therapy and many more] and the truth is my husband has not completed any of them because he gets parnoid and becomes ill .
At the moment my husband is at a level of health where he is not contemplating suicide or self harming and can get through the day with help and reassurance and he has very little contact with the outside world apart from with his family and a few people who have stood by him over the years, at the moment this is where he feels safe and i am proud of him for that.
I am am sure you will have seen the stephen fry advertisement of 1 in 4 people having mental health issues and alot more people having a problem with that it just a shame that the very people who are supposed to help these people can be counted in this group.

It sounds there is a lot of stuff to concern you Image
we have tried therapy [anger management, self awareness,low self asteem and confidence building cognitive therapy, diaries, art therapy and many more] and the truth is my husband has not completed any of them because he gets parnoid and becomes ill.
Image Image Image

I argee with you! My husband too had CBT in the past which did not work but the report was saying that he is a defficult patient. I know CBT can work IF it is with a good therapist and at a right time, but many professionals are so confident to what they do. In fact, they are not. Often Carer's views are ignored even we are the one seeing what is happening at home and outside 24/7.

We saw Stephen Fry's TV programme few years ago when he found himself standing in USA. What surprised us was, they seem to have much better system at early stage of mental breakdown. I am happy for him that he seems to manage with his illness very well lately and brave enough to be open about it. But he is a celebrity who can afford a private treatment + I think his condition is somewhat moderate...

My husband has been on meds as well. Luckily, he was allocated a CPN last year after 7 years waiting time, but I think it was due to change of psychiatrist. The first psychiatrist was not helpful at all - he treated my hasband as any things wrong him. The misdiagnose did not help as well. Fortunately, we had a second reform of GP's catchment area which brought us a good news as to have a decent psychiatrtist at last. And his tream has been very good as well.

AMH is very unpredictable and for us, Carers, we are the first ones to see all sorts of crises.

Hope things get better for you and your family soon.

Take care.
Hi there

So sorry to hear about this problem you have with your husbands phyciatrist like you my son also suffers with paranoid schizophrenia along with anxiety and he too finds it very difficult to go out. But he is very lucky to have an understanding phyciatrist now, but in the past he was never able to see the same phyciatrist at every visit. It seems strange why your husband only has yearly appointments in my opinion these should be made more often regarding how ill he is. My son sees his phyciatrist every six months. The last thing your husband wants to hear is to get a job, this would probably make him more anxious. Doing things that helps him relax is a great benefit and enjoyable, I wouldnt worry about what the phyciatrist has to say about your husband getting a job if he is not well enough to work then he cant work. If you are not happy with your husbands phyciatrist then perhaps you could have a word with his doctor and he may be able to arrange for your husband to see someone new.

I do hope things will go well for you its very difficult I know but try to reassure your husband not to worry about what the phyciatrist says about working it was very wrong for him to say that.
Do you know, I wonder if they realize what they put on people, its a mental health illness they stress them out even more, lets bring on another manic episode and upset the household, it annoys the hell out of me, I have had 27 yrs fighting things like this and still it goes on, I would love to go into places and give speeches on what its like to live with someone with this afflication and what not to do and what TO DO. They think he is moping too much in thought? well my husband who has bi polar sits and thinks for hours, hes always done it, he relaxes that way, I wish I could sit and do nothing lol lets face it, in hospital they can sit and do nothing also but thats good in there, they arent 'getting up to anything'!!