work want info about caree??

For issues specific to caring for someone with mental ill health.
thnaks for help so far- been useful but am now applying for reduction inhours as I just cant do the discharge stuff any more and work full time after it all went almost terminally wrong this time. Work are asking for details - I have told them i dont want to ask for this but my caree is coming out of hospital soon and i need to be there to help prevent a relapse- do i have to say anything else or give names addresses etc- I feel somewhat under pressure to tell my life story which is private and also I dont really think other people understand what is that i have to do - the risk of sucide is verygreat on being discharged and the professionals did not do their job last time resulting in a near miss. What rights do I have about how much information they shoudl ask for?
I would say, get a liason officer based at the hospital thats what I had to do.