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Mentally unstable - Carers UK Forum

Mentally unstable

For issues specific to caring for someone with mental ill health.
Unstable mentally have been for months don’t know how much I can take,I don’t have any professional support either after 9 year fighting I am still trying to fight
Hi Tracie
Fighting is very wearing and stressful. It is such a shame so many carers have to fight as well as care, and for so long. I am sorry you can't get professional support.
Things to can do for yourself are:
Take a short break, even if it's just for half and hour and do something completely unrelated
Daily fresh air
Talking to friends
Relaxation or mindfulness meditations
Lose yourself in an escapism novel
... basically be nice to yourself :)

I do feel for you

Xx MrsA
Thank you I do try
Feeling so unwell
Hi Tracie
Sorry to hear that, are you going through a particularly tough week or has something in particular happened to make you feel so poorly? Can any of us help in any way?
No just my mental health is deteriorating fast
I'm no mental health expert and I know the weather is rubbish but can you get out somewhere pleasant for a walk and enjoy the spring sounds and freshness- mindfullness and all that.
Rang gp go Monday morning
Hi Tracie
Have a think before you go what things you want the GP to do for you, make a list of what the main problems are and take it as a reminder and to have some structure in the appointment.
Is your main aim to get a referral for yourself, if so what for and what type of therapy or CBT etc are you hoping to get ? Would you rather have medication, if so what symptoms are you trying to control?
Is your main concern appropriate help and care for your caree? If so write down all main issues and things you have already tried, reasons they have not worked.
If you do all this in advance you will get maximum benefit out of your alloted ten minutes - so make the most of it :D and let us know how you get on.
Had therapy we not going down that route again,referral to see mh team and to inform him that I am not good as for meds he won't change them,he is actually ok just his hands are tide in what he can do,I wanted to see someone else in my team as I was told how I feel but it was refused so a complaint as gone in.