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What do I have to do - Carers UK Forum

What do I have to do

For issues specific to caring for someone with mental ill health.
What do I have to do to get help

Doing something wrong to get it as no one cares or listening to me
((((hugs))) tracie.
Mental health problems are always at the bottom of the NHS pile and Im afraid I dont know what you should do.
Nevertheless, we are all here listening and we care.
Hi Tracie, I'm here too. As a carer, you are never alone, there are 7 million of us out here, and every carer counts: because we make a difference to people and they depend on us in some way.
Can not go on feeling this low it's torture
Hiya tracie.i do not know anything about your situation but just felt the need to repond and say try to keep positive, i know its hard believe me i know, but i just keep looking forward and hoping some good times with come. If you can take some time for yourself away from home, when im feeling low i take the longer route possible home or to where im going just to have some thinking time. I know none of this will help you in your situation but i hope it gives you a little sense of not being alone x
Hello tracie...sorry things are so difficult for you at the moment. As others have said, there are certainly many people here who care and please always remember that you can come to the forum at any time and share your fears. We may not be able to do very much constructively but sometimes just having someone to listen to your fears and concerns helps. I remember in the past you have had difficulties with some of the medical profession team - have you been able to find some support from any of the team?

I know you shared with us recently the sad news that your aunt passed away which was an awful shock for you. have you spoken to your support worker about this tracie?

Take care....keep in touch.

Bell x
Thanks bell

Bell I have no support from any professionals anymore been trying to access the support again but been told am coping
Tracie...if only we could wave a magic wand and make people understand! All seems to be a lottery whether people get the help and support they need nowadays. I can only suggest that you ask again, again and again until finally someone gets so fed up they will have no choice but to listen. It shouldn't be this way but I really don't know what the alternative is. Do you keep a diary Tracie? I've always found it quite therapeutic but not only that it will also give you a record of your requests for help that can be shown to "the powers that be" as and when appropriate.

In time, as you begin to feel,a little less stressed (and you will) it is also good to read back to realise how far you have come. Hold on in there!

Bell x
Brindleboy is right, keep on asking for help, don't give up. It took me a long time to be heard, but in the end the powers that be couldn't deny my requests for help fell on deaf ears for so long. And as for the diary to keep a check on progress and those requests for help.....when I feel the help isn't forthcoming, I look at my diary and do indeed see the huge progress that's been made. Take care my lovely, stay strong, xx
Bell wrote things down and made things a whole lot worse kept playing on my mind even though it was out of my reach professionals were not Intrested in what I had wrote I am not going into new year like previous ones so am not asking no more well before Xmas police and paramedics were called they said they would speak to social services no call and am not chasing them am to unwell and very unstable