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what are my rights? - Carers UK Forum

what are my rights?

For issues specific to caring for someone with mental ill health.
I cant live with my caree due to his severe illness- although I want to and will be trying to spend more time with him but it could take a long time for him to be well enough to live with 24/7- but I am so afraid of the lack of care he gets from local services.

They discharged him a few weeks ago - at high risk of relapse which includes suicide or aggression to others and he was visited once................surprise he is back in hospital again with major relapse ....on the highest dose of drugs possible and thats all that seem to happen - no why did this happen again so quick etc or why were the crisis tema so short staffed they could not come out AGAIN, why did they not section when caree asked for help from care team....???My caree knows that a section always has to happen when ill- it gets really bad.

i am so scared of what might happen to him once home again- he does not cope well but he hides it .......
I think I have to give up work but iknow it will make me ill and he might end up hurting me- which would be horrible...
I am his partner so though tthe staff might be more communiciative with me due to mental health act but seems they are so short staffed and stressed out themselves...! and there are so many of them - I am a bit stressed out from the past 9 months of hell so do keep asking questions etc....
Also as I am out of area I dont get support locally or from where caree lives so what do i do- for the first time in all his admission - I have had an assessment mentioned- i dont want money i jsut want proper care for him....
Contact the CarersLine for advice - it's open on Wednesdays and Thursdays: CarersLine is Carers UK's helpline.

CarersLine can offer advice on any issue to do with caring and disability such as benefits, hospital discharge, employment issues, making a complaint, getting a social services assessment and much more.

The service is free. Although the service is currently only open for 2 days a week, we do have an answerphone service if you leave details an advisor will call you back.

Telephone 0808 808 7777
Open Wednesday and Thursday 10am-12pm and 2pm-4pm
my husband has also been suicidal . Luckily we live in Devon where the care is soo much better. We moved out of the city where it was more stressful. Is ur caree and u in a city? it does add stress. Maybe move will be good thing?
no we cant move as the stress would be too much- after the past few admissions it will take about a year or maybe longer to get himself back together and that is only if he does not have another episode in between - he lives in quiet area away from town centre so not too bad and in the country side once you have had a very bad turn every one knows it and is frightened of you so maybe being a bit more anonymous in town is a good thing. Its terrible when he gets well and realises what he was doign when ill and the shame and humiliation is hard when evey one knows you and looks etac
Well, I live with this side by side with my husband and have done for over 26 yrs now. When he is ill and beyound help, well, I am still here, yes worn out, and have so many emotional thoughts that I feel sorry for me at times, but, HE has to live with this illness and I choose to marry him and be with him knowing this, so the best I can do is to get and be the best for him