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Self Harming/suicidal Mother - Carers UK Forum

Self Harming/suicidal Mother

For issues specific to caring for someone with mental ill health.

Just looking for some advise...

My mother is 69 and in sheltered accommodation and suffered mini strokes over 3 years ago. She was psychotic but they have treated that reasonably well. Then she spiraled into clinical depression which was in a mental health ward for just over a year. Since November though we've had numerous overdose/self harm attempts. She is now back in hospital and they now advise this to be some form of personality disorder.

Its been such a long 3 years and I'm not sure where to go from here?
Hi Julia, welcome to the forum. I'm afraid I have no understanding of self harming, but lots of experience of being a carer. Until now, what support has mum needed? Make sure the hospital don't discharge her this time until the hospital have arranged a detailed care plan, in conjunction with Social Services, for them, NOT YOU, to care for mum. I cared for my mum, living in her own home for years. In the end, I let Social Services do all the routine care for mum, getting her up, washing, cooking etc. and I did the myriad of other things that they would not do - they wouldn't even go out in the garden to pick fresh raspberries!!
If they do the basic things, then it also means you know that there is someone other than you going in every day, leaving time for you to have some life of your own.
Thank you Bowlingbun - I've stepped back, they've appointed a social worker and I've written to AMB trust to complain about the level of responsibility expected of me as carer and that I'm no longer able to provide such responsibility and function normally. Lets see what this brings? But thanks for your wise words x
Well done. Stepping back is sometimes harder than forwards!!!