For issues specific to caring for someone with mental ill health.
My son has been suffering for most of his adult life with the effects of Venlafaxine. This has not only spoiled his life but also the lives of his immediate family. We have tried to get help over the years but have found that we have had to cope on our own. When we have voiced our concerns regarding this medicine we have been told we are wrong. Who can I turn to now as I am so angry at the waste of life caused by the effects of this drug. I have done a lot of research lately and find that he is not alone in this. I have read many stories of exactly the same symptoms as he has suffered. He and most of his family just thought oh well that’s who he is. But the truth is that the drug changed him and his life has been wasted as a result. Today we have visited a new GP and spoken to him briefly about our problems. My son is 50 now. I am getting old. I worry about what will happen to him if I die. What a crime. We trusted this drug and it has ruined our lives.

Suffice to add ... given the documented side effects .why was this particular drug prescribed as opposed to several other candidates ?

Normally , any gp will monitor the effects on a patient after prescibing new medications ... wouldn't they ?

The answer to that question enables one to pass go ... without the £ 200 unfortunately.