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Urgent advice needed about suicide threat - Carers UK Forum

Urgent advice needed about suicide threat

For issues specific to caring for someone with mental ill health.
My partner, who has (at-present) uncontrolled bipolar II, has just a few minutes ago fallen to sleep after threatening to commit suicide and having his emotions completely get the better of him. He's resting now but that's only after I removed all his "weapons of choice" and locked them away and then gave him space to hug me and his younger son and cry for what must have been 45 minutes straight.

But now I don't know what to do. I've got some space, since he is asleep, to consider what would be best for him... I'm tempted to call the GP out of hours service or the Crisis Team but if they think he is too ill they'll just take him to hospital, something which (due to his severe physical disabilities and an ongoing complaint about their lack of consideration thereof), he is absolutely adamant that he does not want... but if they think he isn't ill enough, they are likely to just criticise me for being too quick to assume the worst/get them involved (which they have done to me before).

When he wakes up he's likely to be quite calm and rather subdued as well as overly apologetic, and if he runs true to form the suicidal drive will have dropped considerably (at the moment we're working on a scale of 1 to 10; earlier he'd reached a "9", but most of the time he operates at a "3" or "4".)

Don't know what to do next.... has anyone else been in a similar dilemma?
I'm sorry John, but I don't have any experience, so cannot offer advice, but I didn't just want to read and run. I hope someone else can come along and help you.
I hope you are all safe tonight.
John - you know him better than anyone so you need to go on your own feelings. If you think that he will sleep and then wake up with the suicidal drive much reduced then that is probably what will happen. If it doent then you can review the situation.
Hi John

I'm sorry I missed this when I was browsing last night - replied to your other thread, but did not see this one.

I hope things have calmed down for you this morning, as you predicted.

It sounds to me like you did all the right things to ensure your partner is safe. He sure is loved.

Bipolar episodes can make life extremely difficult. In your other thread you mentioned a psychiatric appointment. While you wait for that, you and your partner might find reading 'Finding the Still Point' by Gerard O'Mahony helpful. It's written by a priest who is bipolar himself. There's a fair bit of 'religious' stuff (not surprisingly, seeing as he's a priest!), but if that's not your thing you can ignore that and concentrate on the really useful stuff he's got in there. Here's the Amazon link if you think it might be of interest.

Wishing you both well