UK Phone HELP Lines : A Very Useful Web Site !

For issues specific to caring for someone with mental ill health.

Came across this one in my Internet travels.

( Mental health and a host of other conditions and problems ... alcohol / drug / abuse / self harm / samaritans / legal etc. )

Full of useful telephone numbers for anyone seeking advice / help / guidance.

WORDS OF WARNING ... be vary of any costs when phoning any of the organisations !!!
Thanks Chris.

Thank you Chris! Will add to the thread consisting of helpful links
A mirror image bit on that one would do.

One to ponder on once the redesign project is launched ... a whole new STICKY section perhaps ... USEFUL INFO section
that most newbies would be guided to BEFORE launching themselves on the actual forum ... pop up window even ?


( VISUAL signposts ... as opposed to bland text !!! Clicking on signpost takes one to that section !!! )

Would save us all time ... like visiting a library and asking a librarian " Where's the gardening section ? " ... when there's
a big sign just above his / her head ... " Gardening section ? Second on the left " ... ?

The Internet ... largest library in the known universe ... if only most would use it as such ????