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Mental health awareness video - Carers UK Forum

Mental health awareness video

For issues specific to caring for someone with mental ill health.
Just wanted to share a video me and my husband made about mental health.

http://carersvent.blogspot.co.uk/2014/1 ... video.html
Hi Samantha, I have watched Your video and read most of Your Blog entrants as I very quickly saw so many similarities to My Husband I was hooked. Even seeing Your Husband's ''seizures'' Everything You have gone through I have in one way or another, From Marrying a funny, happy, loving, caring person to having a Husband that is almost completely reliant on Me for His safety and well being. I have 5 versions of My Husband and although they do not have names I listed them to the PDOC as Hubby 1-5 Number 5 Hubby is the scared frightened child, who as Your Husband does, Becomes almost baby like in both behaviour and actions. Hubby 5 only appeared last year after a complete breakdown after becoming so stressed trying to stay at work that He made concrete plans to hang Himself in the barn where He worked. He had been having worstening symptoms for the previous 18 months but He tried so hard to hide it that it took a complete breakdown and 2 weeks in a catatonic state for it to become apparent to everybody. Fast forward One Year --Numerous assessments, Brain MRI for severe head injury suffered when He was 8 years old, Every blood test known to man, 3 different Psychiatrists, 2 psychologists, Diagnosis of EUPD ( WITH BORDERLINE TRAITS ) Adjustment disorder with mixed emotions and conduct, Rapid Cycling Bipolar none of which fully explained what was happening,( Although I do see why each diagnosis was given at each time,) Cocktails of Anti Psychotics, Anti depressants, Anti Anxiety, Mood Stabilisers and Diazepam and eventually put on the Enhanced Care Pathway for Complex Mental Health Problems, We are at last hopefully getting to the real problem and real help, In My Husbands case It is believed He has High functioning Autism/Aspergers, Comorbid with complex PTSD arising from being a physically and emotionally abused child. It took a visit from His Care Coordinator Who was introducing a support worker to Him to notice the Behaviours He has when under stress and anxious and the fact He finds it almost impossible to make eye contact and to be able to listen properly He has to close His eyes. He has had the first part of the official assessments for Autism and is waiting for the next stage But He is scoring so highly that it is pretty much decided that is the problem as His problems started from a very young child, They have just become worse and more unmanageable the older and more stressed He has become trying to fit in. I do not know if this has ever been mentioned re Your Husband But if You look at links regarding Adult Autism/Aspergers You May find some answers to some questions. Aspergers and Cluster B personality disorders are often misdiagnosed see the link at the end. Anyway I really Do Know How things are for You I have been Married for 33 Years and Hubbys problems have changed and increased along with the time, But Reading and Learning about Autism has explained so much I actually have hope We are going to get somewhere and things will improve. By The way Your Blog is very informative and caring Keep it up! x

Hi Again. Don't mean to be a nuisance but My Hubby also has symptoms that appear to be seizures and has had many falls over the past year, These are now being investigated as to be part of His Aspergers/Autism in that they could be ''Meltdowns'' Brought about by sensory overload. ( They happen a lot when out and in supermarkets etc.. ) He also has ''Shutdowns'' again when stressed or overloaded and at these times He can be almost Catatonic. Please do not think I am trying to diagnose But the similarities are so much that I felt after all this time It may help to look at things differently. It has certainly helped Me. Best Wishes again
My husband has all sorts of tests, MRI's different blood tests, spinal tap which have all come back normal. like your husband mine has had several motor bike crashes which have included head injuries.

like I've said he's been tested for most things including epilepsy, all the so called medical professionals are saying everything is because he's depressed or just in his head.

All this has been going on now for about 3-4 years and I've watched the man I fell for slowly disappear.

I'm going to send you a friend request, it will be nice to chat to someone who understands what I'm going through.
I know this is old post but I cannot resist myself to say thank you here. I was searching and got it at perfect time.

Keep up doing great work,

Thanks again.

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