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This cannot be right

For issues specific to caring for someone with mental ill health.
hello everyone,
I was diagnosed with bipolar, borderline personality disorder alongside other things, about 8yrs ago. I care for my son whob has ADHD,ODD,dyslexia, learning disabiliities and severe behavioural problems, he is now 10yrs. I have been fighting ss for about 8yrs for help for my son, and instead of helping me they have caused no end odf stress. I asked about a carers assessment in 2005 and it was only in dec 2008 that this was actually completed. I disagreed with it and sent it back unsigned and asked for a proper one be done. I am still waiting.

I need counselling/therapy and because my mental health team discharged me in 2008, as I looked like I was coping, I tried to get it through the carers assessment. Anyway, over the yrs my diagnosis's have dwindled down to not having bipolar etc but having stress due to me not being able to parent my son properly, and there are plenty of of courses out there in the community. This was also said by the manageress who has never met me and I havnt seen a psychiatrist for 2 yrs. Also, I didnt give my permission for them to talk to anyone.

SS have added to my carers assessment a need for an assessment to be done by the fools that diagnosed me then 8yrs on someone, not a mental health person diagnosed me as not having it. So I cant get counselling now. I have refused due to the fact that they will say I have nothing wrong with me.

I am taking this further can anyone help please


I've split this from it's original thread as it is a new question in it's own right.

Hoping you get the correct assessments done properly soon.

Hello there

I think it is the best to speak to your GP who understand about mental illness. My local GPs now have Talking Therapy (CBT) at GP surgery - how about in your area? If you are looking for psychological service from mental health team, again, ask to your GP - they are the key to activate MH services for you.

Take care.
i agree with fluffycat that your gp is the key here, however some gps have limited knowleadge of mental health, but with or should get you back under the mental health team. also check out mind's website lots of good information on there to do with mental health along with acvice on all sorts.. also cuk will most likely have info on carers assessment. but my understanding is that it should be done within a month. my assessment was based on my needs as a carer therefore no doctors info needed. if there contacted your doctors etc without your permission then thats against the law under the data protection laws
Is it at all possible that your mental health issues are the cause of some of your son's problems?
I have 6 children, 5 of them are calm, polite, respectfull, happy and very bright, my son with ADHD behaves the way he does because he's ill, so have I caused my son to behav the way he does, you tell me, but just say it WAS me that caused so much distress in his life that I have aided his constant daily hell, that the only sane and sensible solution to this would be to increase the help I was getting instead of totaly discharging just because they cannot find my diagnosis or I look like I'm coping, to all of a sudden after 40yrs of depression I'm not depressed it;s my parenting of an extremely difficult and troubled 8yr old.

I had another Carers Needs Assessment done a few months ago this time by my local Carers Centre, it was completed and sent off to SS the same day, I still await the carers information, someone to call and see me with regard to monitors for my son and to generally run through it with me, even after the Carers Centre have reminded them and I've queried this with SS themselves and nothing.

But then again why am I so surprised, the Mental Health Team are run by SS and the NHS and they have managed to lose my diagnosis and 40yrs of my mental health records and seem up to now to be getting off scot free, what should a small thing like an assessment being completed properly matter.
Hi every1,

Just a quick update to my post of 26 Aug 2010, some 4 months ago.

Still not a word from SS with regard to my carers needs assessment, was it worth having one done I wonder, the needs reccommended by Newcis has been ignored, I still await the infor pack.

Social Services are not here to help but to hinder


Hope all is well with every1.

Still waiting for my carers assessment to be signed off. The carers center did another 1 for me and in it where recommendations for help. This was done and sent off, last Summer, Social Services cannot find it. My son is in a weekly boarded school now, Social Services just will not update this assessment.

I gave my complaint with regard to my 'missing' diagnosis and treatment received by the Mental Health Team to the Appropriate people, who, after investigation, found that I hadn't been treated badly. I offered proof of certain things and asked them to look at this again. They would not accept my proof and the verdict was the same as before.

All my proof and complaint have now been delivered to the Ombudsman.

Fingers crossed hey

Take care all
Hope you get the right result from the Ombudsman, Cheekipixi
Hia Charles47,

R thank you so much for your comment, you probably don't realise, no, you probably do, how much your comment meant to me. Every reply means a lot though doesn't it, even though you know others read what u say, it isn't the same as getting a reply, I find it just makes you feel that others do read and take in what you say, sad really but it's just contact with sum1.

God this is turning into a book lol. I just wanted to say thanks.

Oh, and to say I've heard from the Ombudsman, he/she just acknowleging my complaint been received and also to say whether they can help me. If they can't I do not know where to go then. Papers I suppose, I just feel this is so wrong and how many others have the mental health team driven insane with their lies.

Anyway, again lol thanx.