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Anyone of any experience Mental health Tribunal - Carers UK Forum

Anyone of any experience Mental health Tribunal

For issues specific to caring for someone with mental ill health.
My husband is currently detained under section 2 M.H.A. I don't recognise him he is so ill and has excluded me from this care plan, therefore I've no idea how he is, and if ring staff can't tell me. I've no idea what medication he on, and he only briefly contacts me as I've access all his stuff. He tells me I'm responsible for putting him in this hell hole, he's essentially in a cell. I as his nearest relative don't agree with any discharge as I'm fearful of him the change in personality is so great. I've written a letter to be included in the report but am scared and dreading if they let him off section. I can't have him home whilst he so unwell. Staff who know him on ward amazed and agree he's changed.
Any advice very much appreciated.
Hi Hellen

My son requested a tribunal the first time he was sectioned. This was some years ago and my memory is hazy, but there was a panel consisting of psychiatric staff and (I think) a solicitor, and my son's CPN gave a report. My son had the opportunity to speak for himself, but when he did he was so thought-disordered that it was obvious he could not be safely released.

Take courage from the fact that the professionals are well used to this process and, while it is there to safeguard patients from being wrongly detained it is also to keep them and society safe if they are a risk.

I do sympathise with what you are going through. My son is such a gentle, thoughtful person when he is well but becomes an angry monster when he is psychotic, largely due to fear and stress. He also makes everyone else 'responsible' for his situation. I try not to respond in kind as it just makes him escalate, but it is very hard to keep calm.

All the best to you.
Hellen, is there an advocacy service near you. When I had a very difficult situation, Social Services had decided to bully me because I made a formal complaint, I insisted on having an advocate. SSD said I wasn't entitled to one, I said I wasn't going to any more meetings without one. In response, they gave me one from what was then the Princess Royal Trust for Carers. She was the first to admit that she did not understand the complexities of the situation, but I assured her that didn't matter. She was there to make an unbiased record of who said what, and to, morally, hold my hand. Once this happened, things got a whole lot better, and I had proof that one social worker was not behaving as she should be! So see if there is any advocacy support, or carers support worker in your area to go with you.
Hellen, would it make any sense to talk to the ward staff for advice? You are obviously capable of speaking up for yourself but this isn't about you attending a meeting as you've said hubby doesn't want you involved, this is about your safety and to a degree, your future. I wonder if a temporary injunction might be a solution because you really can't have him home and there needs to be safeguards in place. That is if you do want him back - I don't believe you would get judgment here if the answer is no because this is a terrible illness to live with at times.
I do think Starfish raises a good point though and from what you have said about your husband at the moment, I doubt whether there will be a lifting of the section.

Would MIND be any help do you think?
Hi Hellen,

I worked as a nurse and participated in a few. There is a panel that reviews the section, so they will look at your husband's mental health before and after his admission, and at the admission process to make sure it is lawful. They will speak to your husband and/or his solicitor, his psychiatrist, nursing staff at the tribunal (and anyone else your husband wants there will have the opportunity to give evidence)

As your husband is detained under MHA, you have rights as his nearest relative (spouse is highest on list) to be involved in his care-planning with specific view to discharge. I believe that discharge from section is included, but I'm not certain. You can speak to Mind for more information.
http://www.mind.org.uk/information-supp ... QdzuGtYCSM

Although your husband's treatment is confidential, you can still speak to his doctors and raise your concerns. You can also submit your own evidence to the mental health review tribunal should you wish (I'm not sure that you can do this privately without your husband's knowledge though-I think he has the right to see the evidence, but again please check as I'm out of nursing a few years and therefore not upto date on legalities). Essentially, this exact situation is what the Nearest Relative rights were enacted for, so that people weren't discharged home still unwell, to family who had no idea they were coming home, or how sick they still were, and therefore placed in risky situations. I suppose it's the mental health equivalent of an unsafe discharge.

I'm hoping that your husband makes a speedy recovery.