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For issues specific to caring for someone with mental ill health.
Hi just feel I'm struggling tonight. It's my first day back at work tomorrow after 6 weeks off due to stress and my son who is schizophrenic is behaving in a disturbing way. He is muttering as if to someone I can't see and keeps jumping up with his fists clenched as if to fight. He isn't answering my questions and I won't be able to get him to hospital . I feel completely out of my depth and under pressure with work as I can't take any more time off now .
Hi Debra
I spent over 18 months supporting my son through similar experiences. You go through immense chunks of time where you’re thinking, “This is impossible. This is impossible. Oh – this is really impossible.” And then you just keep going and keep going, and you sort of do the impossible.
My son is now starting to enjoy his life again and your son will find a way through too. So much is happening to your son and I know how scary it is to be the observer. It will not always be like this. One phase ends and another begins, each with its own challenges. What I found helpful when I was where you are is to not deny the experiences. See if you can find out what emotion your son is feeling and if he is scared, find ways to make him feel safe. Tell him you love him, that you're not going to leave him and that you'll get through this and he will too.
I believed that my son had schizophrenia but not anymore. My son was responding to traumatic life events. 6 antipsychotics later and he wasn't getting any better. Here are a few things to watch on YouTube which helped me on my journey.





Where abouts are you in the UK?

The ISPS have great events and conferences where you can gets lots of knowledge which will help give you a better understanding of what is happening to your son. Here's the link:


Never give up. You're stronger than you think and there is always a way forward.

Thinking of you.

Thanks Anna it really helps to know someone understands how scary this is . I will watch the articles you sent me and you have given me a bit of hope in a bleak period thank you