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What can i do? Help!! - Carers UK Forum

What can i do? Help!!

For issues specific to caring for someone with mental ill health.
My mum overdosed again today was down the hospital for about 6 hours and they sent her home. She can barely walk and doesn't know what day of the week it is and i don't know what to do. Image Image Image Image Image
Stay with her, make her comfortable, remove pain-killers and sleeping pills so she cant find them. Does she have a crisis number you can phone? I know there are other phone numbers for people like MIND, that other people on here might know. Im assuming that she is already under the mental health team, if so, they will probably contact you tomorrow. If not you will need to contact her GP.
She does need support from a mental health team, u cannot do it all yourself. You may also need some one to one support, it's very hard to deal with having your Mum take overdoses. I do hope she finds some peace of mind and her way out of how she feels.
Courtney, Crocus has given you good advice. Maybe it is best not to go into details in public but I am wondering if this overdose was intentional or not. A lot rests on if it was done with the sure knowledge that she would be found by someone or not.regardless it is too much for you to manage on your own. Maybe mum needs a short spell in hospital to get proper treatment. Does she have a crisis team contact?
If so, they need to be made to understand it is unacceptable for you to try and deal with this on your own and without specialised help. They are a mental health crisis team and should be available when there is a crisis, not afterwards. Image

You cannot be responsible for your mum's actions, no matter how ill she is. By it's very nature, mental illness can often be a very selfish disease with the sufferer totally wrapped up in themselves.

I think you should have a word with your own GP too, you need some support while all this is going on, I seem to remember you have a brother too? Please get some help for yourself, you are important too.
I agree, mental illness is a very selfish condition - with the emphasis being on how "I" feel today, what "I" can do to help me to get through the day.

About all you can do is to try to be there for your mum when she wants to talk - but it's just as important that you don't try to force her to talk about things that she's just not ready to go into just yet.

No doubt you'll know that this isn't going to get better until you deal with the underlying causes of it - which will mean looking for the things that trigger this behaviour and working right through to trying to find more healthy ways to deal with the triggers and events where she currently reverts to these unhealthy coping strategies.

Please be warned that you cannot prevent anyone from partaking in harmful behaviours if they so choose - although you can do what you can to minimise the risks of it happening, which is a good step... but you'll also need to remain alert for the possibility of a hidden stash, especially if you have a history of removing access to her usual methods.

Treatment for this is always going to be long term and it's not something that you can or should be going through alone.