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Hope or despair - not sure today?!!! - Carers UK Forum

Hope or despair - not sure today?!!!

For issues specific to caring for someone with mental ill health.
my last post here...DAIGNOSIS HURRAH!

Just needed to vent a little, feeling fed up.

My husband didnt like the Depakote as it made him really sleepy and very deeply depressed so he/we decided it was best to try something else. So now he is trying Lithium and he seems much the same to me but he wants to stick with it to try and get better, he is clinging on to this hope. To me though is seems very down, he goes from sofa to bed and thats it. He has episodes of crashing and suicidal thoughts and times of mixed episodes and just generally seems all over the place to me. Somehow he seems very mentally ill at the moment.

When I think how he was not 2 years ago it makes me so sad and a bit cross. I hve no life at all, I cannot go out ever as he is very wobbly and has problems with mobility now and his mental health is so fragile.

Oh I just wanted to indulge my sadness for a bit, I feel so helpless. He is certainly not the man I married, cant see him in there much. I am only 42 and feel like life is passing me by, let alone passing US by! I try and keep occupied but I am struggling to keep positive.

Any thoughts and advice appreciated. He has just gone for a nap again so I am going to try and go for a little walk when he is settled.

thoughts with you all too
Sorry to hear things are so tough. It sounds like a difficult situation and I wish I could offer some practical support but you seem to be in contact with the medical professionals about everything so there's not much I can suggest.

Hope you managed to get out for your walk. I'm sure even five minutes outside would help in some way, even if it really doesn't feel like it.

Hope things get easier soon, L
Sending Image a big hug Image for you.

I am sorry to hear...thigns will get better - may take a long time but it will!

Do your hubby's doctors talk each other (with permission)? I mean, do they see the ill health conditons as a whole?

Do you get some support for your self from Carers Service? I know NHS is limitted but every small step counts. For me it took about 4-5 years to get my head around, my husband was not fully recofnosied or getting a good support. We are still fighting...

Take care.
Hi my partner is on Lithium it does help if he is on the right dose. He needs a blood test it should be arranged by his Dr, my partner has fortnightly tests to check the level is right and is making a difference.