Section 117 advice, experiences and help

For issues specific to caring for someone with mental ill health.
MIND ... ADVOCACY ... full sp on this subject :

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What advocacy services are there?

There are many different advocacy services that can help you, depending on your situation and what sort of help you want.
The 2014 requires a local authority to provide advocacy services where someone is having difficulty in making their voice heard. My son and I both have advocacy. He has severe learning difficulties. I have lots of relevant experience and lots of qualifications, but I too have an advocacy as I am not being listened to. (Are social workers now provided with ear defenders?!)
I would agree about both Mind and Rethink. They have experts you can phone. And even if they can't provide solutions, they can help you understand the landscape better.

CQC doesnt actually do anything but it is worth submitting your experiences to them. They have a form somewhere where you can write what you have experienced. This will not help you directly but may help to improve services in your area in the future - which sound awful! I can confirm that information submitted to CQC does get into their reports. You could submit about your mother and brother separately - because they are two different cases which both appear to have negligently dealt with.

One other thought I had would be contacting your local MP. For both your relatives, this had dragged on so long and progress is so slow (typical in my experience). If you could an MP involved, he might be able to speed up the process.