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Section 117 advice, experiences and help - Carers UK Forum

Section 117 advice, experiences and help

For issues specific to caring for someone with mental ill health.

I am new to this forum. My mother is paranoid schizophrenic. She has in the past required hospitalisation to treat her illness. She suffers both positive and negative symptoms. She is entitled to section 117 aftercare from her section in hospital 17 years ago. The section 117 has not been removed. My family were never informed of a care plan upon hospital discharge and only recently discovered shes entitled to sec 117 aftercare. My family are finding it extremely difficult to access support, care and services. Assessments also dont seem suitable, adequate for my mother's illness and seem more designed for dementia patients. Im looking for other peoples experiences with sec 117,care plans, hosital discharges, care options, services provided, people /organisations involved in care and anything which could be of use. We are at absolute frustration with the system and lack of care!! Any help and assistance is greatly appreciated!!
Hi Sarah.

Two links which will be of immediate assistance on matters pertaining to Section 117.

Mind :

https://www.mind.org.uk/information-sup ... aftercare/

Community Health Care :

http://www.communitycare.co.uk/2017/03/ ... aftercare/

In addition , an Internet search ... SECTION 117 GUIDANCE ... will reveal two major fact sheets ... viewable in .pdf format from Rethink and Mills - Reeve ( One of the leading legal firms dealing with the law reating to Section 117 ).
Sarah, when was mum discharged? I'd complain to the hospital, as they have failed your family.
I'd recommend finding a Mental Health specialist lawyer. Your mum is probably eligible for legal aid.
We had to get a lawyer for a relative with s117 care, and its amazing what support started coming after the solicitor had sent a few well worded letters.

Overall our experience is average to poor. We still have to fight and battle every decision, every move, every relocation. There is no 'joined up thinking or service or after care.

So, get the law on your side.

Good luck
Thank you for the replys

My mother was discharged in 2003 when myself and siblings were children. My mother was abusive and neglectful but still allowed to return back into the family home. My father was told by cpn nurse to stop work and care for the family. No support other than administration of depot injection provided. It has only just come to light regarding section 117. She is still a section 117 and entitled to the aftercare. It seems the local authority refuse to acknowledgement section 117 and seem unable/unwilling to provide the support my mother needs. I have contacted a few solicitors but I'm told legal aid is not available. It may be available if a complaint is escalated beyond ombudsman. My brother also has a severe mental illness which has also been ignored by local care providers. He was sent to special needs school without explanation or diagnosis. Prescribed and taken anti psychotic drugs for i believe 20 years but care provider refuse to diagnose beyond learning disabilities. They support him taking anti psychotic drugs as they keep him 'stable'?!?! I believe local care providers and council have acted negligently towards my family. It is proving difficult yo hold them accountable for there lack of actions
Hi Sarah.

A further link which will be assistance if matters escalate.

Care Quality Commission ... a Government appointed watchdog ... with some teeth on occasions :


A comprehensive site ... best to take in stages ... and by likely target given your posting potentially covers several.

Mental Health support ?


https://www.mind.org.uk/information-sup ... h-problem/

Rethink :

https://www.rethink.org/carers-family-f ... n-a-crisis


https://www.nhs.uk/NHSEngland/AboutNHSs ... vices.aspx

I can only assume that you have sought help from one or more of the three listed above ?

On the legal front ... results from a Google search ... MENTAL HEALTH LAWYERS ... add your manor to the search to identify local ones :

https://www.google.com/search?q=mental+ ... =firefox-b

Local CAB night be able to point you in the right direction.
You definitely need legal help. Are you sure you contracted specialist solicitors for mental health issues?

If they can't help with Mum, they should be able to help with brother.

Both Mum and brother may benefit from having advocates, but I'm not sure how you go about this, and advocates being volunteers vary in experience and expertise. They can be useful when 'authorities' seem to want to side line families

With your brother, are you aware of Mark Neary who campaigns tirelessly for learning disabled caught up in mental health system. Google the name and his blogs wiĺ link you to many more campaigners too. Be warned, some of the stories are harrowing
Thank you for your replies

We currently have complaint against Derbyshire County council and nhs trusy regarding lack of care ect

No solicitor will touch this untill it goes beyond ombudsman. Most agencies who provide assistance seem to side/ protect the council (probably due to conflict of interest) at the moment it seems a long hard battle to get someone not on government or council payroll to assist with this. Its completely frustrating! I'm still battling for my brother to receive a diagnosis for his illness.... (suspected autism/schizophrenia) which is what he is being treated for. The alternative is that my brother does not have a psychotic illness and has been mis medicated for 20 years!! I really do appreciate everyones responses. Thank you ☺ . Any information is greatly appreciated
In which case Sarah , seek out the two Mental Health support charities detailed in my last posting.

MIND and Rethink.

They have experts in this field , use them !

Reading your postings , I'm a little surprised that there is no mention of advocates acting for you ?

A minefield without legal expertise.

Local Authority Onbudsman involved ?

Good luck , there are postings on that aspect elsewhere on this forum.

They do not make good reading.
My father had an advocate recently to help fill forms in and reply to local council ect. However, they are usually volunteers and not particularly trained in legal matters ect. There only purpose was to put forward my fathers opinions to the council i. E take notes of what my father said and construct into a letter.

I believe mind and rethink receive government funding??

My father has been in touch with both with little constructive help but i will contact myself again to see if i can get further assistance

I know what local services should be providing but it seems impossible to hold them accountable or get actual help and support in place.

My father is repeatedly told he is the husband and father so its his responsibility. Which in my opinion is moral blackmail. It is also removing his right to choose whether he wants or is capable of providing care. I also believe this could be argued as being in breach of his human rights by psychological enslavement.

If anyone has any experience of care provided for paranoid schizophrenia entitled to section 117 this may help as i can push for further action knowing that type of care is available.

A social worker did do an assessment of my mums needs (after much much much arguing and pursuit!!) the result was she rang my mum at home and told her when her husband leaves the home they'll come back out and reassess her! Which was extremely upsetting to my mother