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Schizophrenia - does this disease change - Carers UK Forum

Schizophrenia - does this disease change

For issues specific to caring for someone with mental ill health.
Any one else out there..
My husband was diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic in 200. Luckily he's only been in hospital a handful of times. He's fairly stable currently, he's on clopixol injection, alongside a healthy vegetarian diet, exercise, medication and thi chi, life is stable.
But I want to know, from anyone living with this disease, DOES IT CHANGE, PROGRESS, OR BURN OUT? My husband seems to change his mind about things, for example ask him to do something one more month, one answer, ask him another month different answers? Appreciate AMY advice
Hi Trigpoint ( no pun intended! )
My go-to site for anything MH related is MIND
This links to their schizophrenia pages
https://www.mind.org.uk/information-sup ... Xz6vcbTW2c
Where it does say currently there's no cure, but it can go through phases
Well worth reading the rest, if you haven't already

I see your husband has other health issues too, poor you, so it would be difficult to tell which is uppermost at any one time :(

Of course, it could be typically normal male behaviour like my husband who has no recall week after week of being asked things like
Can you put the bins out/mend the fence/cut the grass?
But is instantly responsive to
Do you want to out for dinner/see a film/go on holiday? :roll:

(Didnt mean to be fascetious, just trying to make you grin a little ;)

My partner has schizophrenia too, I understand your frustrations I really do.
We go through phases in the month progression is slow and can step backwards at times. Don't be lonely with it I find I spend a lot of time alone deep in thought without being able to process it all.
I relish the good days, the bad days I wing it and sometimes I shut down from family too.
What I find more difficult is remembering that I'm actually in a relationship and not just a care giver.
It sounds like to me that he is very stable and is actually doing more than my hubby.
It's very hard at times and of course it's normal to want it to be over with. Cbt may help relieve some of the symptoms I can't get my hubby to go to CBT, he won't stick it out as his moods fluctuate and feels helpless regardless of how much support he gets. I do hope you take time out for yourself that is very important x
My son has suffered with schizophrenia for many years. Started around the age of 14 but diagnosed 3 years later at 17. He's now 37. All i can add to this topic is that everyone who has this that their experience is unique to them. It's very individual. Differing levels of serverity.