schitzophrenia in hubby

For issues specific to caring for someone with mental ill health.
my hubby is scitzophrenic he hears hings but is most kindest swetest man i know. He is not aggressive and his meds have minimised the voices he hears. He also has manic depression and is slowly getting better from this too
Hi Shandy
Glad to hear hubby is improving, I know people can find it hard
to understand what it is like for mental health carers, I know
I really struggle at times.
My appologise to the board if I should not do this, but there is a really nice site for carers
of mental health, it is run by a really good women called Clare
tony wow will go to see it yayya thnks matey!!!!!!!!! hope ur both well too!!
I have visited just now - it looks very nice Image
The free music is also nice, it is very healling
Cheers for that Tony, I've just joined but dont know when I'll have the time to read their posts as well as ours!!! Image