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crisis spend hours in A&E

For issues specific to caring for someone with mental ill health.
Just heard this from another unpaid carer.

Caree had a major breakdown, phoned up an ambulance, the paramedics were not very sympathetic, went to the hospital and sat in A&E for 10 hours.
A member of the crisis team came and basically just offered some leaflets, that's it you are free to go.

How about a referral to Mental Health services, follow up appointment, see a cpn for a month or 2, nothing at all basically.

Bound to happen again, another breakdown or worse.

What should have happened are there any guidelines when a person has a mental health breakdown/crisis?
Hi, I am a carer for my husband with Bi-Polar, he had an episode on New Years Eve 2017, I made several enquiries over the telephone and was told not to call an Ambulance but to make our way to A & E. We were in A & E a total of 7 hours before they eventually found a bed for my husband (not in our local hospital) and he was admitted. We were assessed by the Mental Health Team and the on duty psychiatrist, both my Son and I were with him and expressed that he could not come home,we could not cope and he needed to go into hospital for a time. Although this was a very lengthy, stressful and exhausting process waiting around and pleading our case, we did get my husband the help he needed. I am not so sure that this would have been the case had myself and my son not been with him and being very insistent that he be admitted.
I think that this is what we should expect from our local hospitals, not just a few leaflets and a prescription.