restbite for carers funding

For issues specific to caring for someone with mental ill health.
Hi does anyone know of funding for carers to have a restbite or access to the gym or anything about the carers voucher scheme thanks in advance
Hi Lesley
All these may be arranged by social services at your carers assessment but I'm afraid it remains quite a postcode lottery which area you are in.
Have you seen the turn 2us web site- I think there is a charity -from memory but maybe wrong St eonards? that gives grants to carers for breaks if you meet certain criteria. ... UAQAvD_BwE

ah here it is
Hi hanrietta thank you for your reply I will have a look ;-)
Hi Lesley , my nane is Liz. I have recently been on a rest bite weekend , I went to my GP and explained just how low I am feeling , and she said something about a "prescription ". After our conversation, someone from the Carerstrust got in contact with me to speak about this prescription that the GP had referred , and I explained when and what times that I would like for someone to sit with my husband for a while each day while I was gone. They will help you in anyway that they can just to make things easier for you. I would strongly recommend that you go to see your GP and asked about this "prescription " thing. See how you get on. It will be nice if you would let me know how you get on.